How Zoomcar mobilized Zoho CRM across various departments to increase conversion rates by 150%

"Opting for Zoho CRM has truly aided us in managing our leads and closing deals. We're no longer prone to our main concerns before—none of the leads are missed and no leakage happens."

Akhil PippalaAssociate Program Manager, Zoomcar

Key results:

  • Lead conversion rate150%
  • Implementation time1.5 months
  • Cost-benefit ratio1:4
  • Visibility100%

About Zoomcar

Zoomcar is the leading marketplace for car sharing in emerging markets, with over 20,000 cars on its technology-driven platform across India, Southeast Asia, and the MENA region. Zoomcar empowers host entrepreneurs to safely and easily share their cars to earn additional passive income. Guests in the Zoomcar community enjoy a diverse, affordable selection of cars to unlock memorable driving experiences with friends and family. Founded in 2013 and headquartered in Bengaluru, India, Zoomcar employs over 300 people and operates in 50 cities across India, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Egypt. Uri Levine, co-founder of mobility unicorns Waze and Moovit, currently serves as Zoomcar’s Chairman of the Board.

The challenge

Tackling lead leakage

Zoomcar initially used MS Excel and Google Sheets to maintain its sales information. Akshay Bhama, Senior Business Manager, and Akhil Pippala, Associate Program Manager, work together on lead supply acquisition at Zoomcar. They recognized that without a CRM system in place, they were vulnerable to high chances of funnel drop-offs and lead leakages. Their data was always scattered and unorganized, which meant the team never had a clear view of what was happening with their leads. Additionally, Bhama and Pippala sought a solution that would minimize manual tasks and optimize automation.

Choosing Zoho CRM

Upon evaluating and testing out the trial versions of multiple solutions like LeadSquared and Salesforce, Zoomcar ultimately settled on Zoho CRM without hesitation thanks to its functionality, cost effectiveness, and the level of customization it offers.

"Our team never had any governance, which allowed us to see what was happening with various leads that were flowing in. This led to multiple leakages, and leads used to get dropped. Additionally, we wanted to automate the follow-up process through various channels like WhatsApp and SMS. Zoho CRM offered us exactly what we were looking for."

Akshay BhamaSenior Business Manager, Zoomcar

Effortless implementation

It only took a month and a half for Pippala's team to train the users and get them acquainted with the system. The team had a smooth onboarding experience with no hurdles. Currently, Zoomcar has 400+ active licenses with several departments across the organization using Zoho CRM for their day-to-day tasks.

Automating the entire process using workflow rules

Zoomcar's sales team is comprised of 50 individuals. The entire sales process is covered in the Leads module and is automated using workflow rules, thus eliminating the need for any manual intervention. The sales team focuses on lead generation and qualification, with equal importance placed on inbound and outbound sales. They conduct an average of 120 sales activities per day in India alone.

Increasing adoption through customization

The CRM system has been completely customized to suit Zoomcar's unique business requirements. With a multitude of custom modules in place for lead management, customized layouts, and fields with validation rules to ensure customer data accuracy and validity, the company eliminates pain points sales teams commonly face. Thanks to the degree of customization Zoho offers, Zoomcar saw an increase in CRM adoption rate by 70%.

Proactive integrations

Generating leads from various sources

Zoomcar has integrated Zoho Forms into Zoho CRM to capture leads generated from the company's website. By integrating Zoho Social with Zoho CRM, leads from LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and more are also automatically captured on Zoho CRM. The marketing team at Zoomcar extensively uses Zoho Social to execute social media campaigns to target different customer demographics and utilizes Zoho CRM to analyze and track engagement.

Qualifying and following up with leads

The sales team effortlessly qualifies leads via Zoho CRM's integration with Ozonetel, a cloud telephony and auto-dialing software platform. This integration enables the team to connect to leads instantly without missing an opportunity. WATI is also tightly integrated with Zoho CRM to follow up on leads via WhatsApp. These integrations can be found on Zoho Marketplace. Additionally, the company uses APIs to connect Gupshup with Zoho CRM to ensure leads aren't dropped through SMS.

CRM on the ground

With assignment rules in place, once a lead is qualified by the sales team, it's automatically passed on to an individual in the operations team based on specific criteria, such as the customer's requirements, geographical location, and so on. The operations team thereby takes the process forward and closes the deal. The mobile app is incredibly useful for this specific team, as they work in the field. The team effectively uses the application for capturing and updating data.

"There's a huge difference between using sheets to manage sales data and using a CRM. Managing 15,000 customers was impossible. Opting for Zoho CRM has truly aided us in managing our leads and closing deals. We're no longer prone to our main concerns before—none of the leads are missed and no leakage happens."

Akhil PippalaAssociate Program Manager, Zoomcar

With several workflow rules in place and the company's dedicated usage of various integrations with Zoho CRM, the turnaround time for lead conversion has been reduced by 30%.

Transparency at every level

Every department has customized their home page with dashboards relevant to their roles, depending on the use case. Dashboards are used to measure various metrics, and team members receive automated reports at the end of each day. The company's business team of directors and heads refer to the dashboards and reports to get a high-level understanding of the teams' daily, weekly, and monthly performances, conversion rates, deals closed, and much more. In terms of the efficiency of tracking resources on the ground, the company went from having absolutely no visibility to 100% visibility.

Favorable results

All Zoomcar needed was a system that ensured no leads were missed and there were no leakages. Zoho CRM has provided the company with so much more through its comprehensive feature set that Zoomcar has seen impactful results only within a few months of using the product.


After employing Zoho CRM, Zoomcar has observed a 150% increase in conversion rates, which is directly proportionate to the company's revenue. Bhama notes that the benefits the company has gained represent four times the amount spent on Zoho's product. Among those benefits, 60% amounts to direct, and 40% to indirect benefits, which includes streamlining various internal processes and minimizing human resources.

  • Industry typeTransport
  • Employees400+
  • Type of businessPrivately held

What lies ahead for Zoomcar and Zoho?

Zoomcar believes that Zoho offers tremendous value for its money. Currently, Zoomcar manages 15,000 customers on Zoho CRM. After witnessing the product's efficacy, the company plans to add more users and manage more customers in CRM as it scales.

As the internal super-user of Zoho CRM at Zoomcar, Pippala strongly recommends the product to other players in the industry.

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