Automotive fin-tech platform drives its intricate business process using Zoho CRM and its integrations

"One of the pillars behind the productivity that we've been able to achieve today is definitely our usage of Zoho."

Avinash ChandranInformation Technology Support Manager,

Key results:

  • Adoption rate81%

The company's journey began in 2016 with CEO Binu Girija's simple goal: to make car services more affordable in the United States. Over the years, this vision has grown. Today, offers several car services to consumers across the US, including parking, car washing, auto insurance, and auto refinancing. is redefining America's experience with automobiles by providing quick and reliable solutions for its customers, along with the option to compare price rates between different options.

In the United States, 6.5 million people have used for an effortless experience with their automobiles. The number keeps growing every minute.

The challenge

Unsatisfied users

Until early 2018, used Vtiger CRM for lead management and business development. Though the software achieved what it was intended for, the users—the business development team—were nowhere near satisfied with the user experience the product offered and felt that the key features the team needed were not available. Hence,'s search for a better, more suitable solution began.

The solution

Choosing Zoho CRM

After evaluating Salesforce and Zoho, easily preferred Zoho CRM for its robust features, which met the company's expectations, had an easier-to-use UI, and was available at a more affordable price.

With help from Zoho, the team successfully migrated their data from Vtiger to Zoho CRM. The initial implementation process took nearly four months, with great effort from the IT team and some assistance from Zoho's support team.

An enhanced end-to-end sales process boasts a CRM adoption rate of 81% among 370 users. The company's robust sales team manages over 400,000 leads in CRM alone, and for their car washing and parking verticals they utilize the CRM system from end-to-end—from generating leads to closing deals.

Leads are primarily generated from the company's website, app, and social media handles. They're pushed into CRM using API integrations set up by the company's data engineering team.

The integration between RingCentral and Zoho CRM enables sales teams to connect with leads. Sales agents in the field make effective use of the CRM mobile app to capture and record data when meeting with customers and vendors in person. deployed SalesIQ on its website to enable customers to connect with the support team via chat. Also, if a lead visits the website, their information is instantly pushed into Zoho CRM via its integration with SalesIQ.

Workflow rules have been set up to automate the entire sales process, from generating the lead to closing the deal. When a lead is converted, or certain information about a lead is modified in the CRM system, an email is automatically sent to the operations team. This automation process saves time internally.

The auto insurance sales team works in a different fashion compared to the parking and car wash verticals. To meet the team's unique requirements,'s IT team configured several custom modules in Zoho CRM to align with their process flow. By integrating DocuSign with Zoho CRM, the sales team proactively obtains digital signatures on policy documents and declaration forms from customers.

Tracking requests with reinforced productivity

The customer support team employs Zoho Desk and has integrated it with Zoho CRM to automate ticket creation when users have issues with any of the different verticals. When a customer sends an email to the customer support department, a ticket is created in Desk and an email is automatically generated from custom email templates and sent to the customer.

Unified insights into the business

The integration of Zoho Analytics with Zoho CRM and Zoho Desk provides the leadership team with accurate insights regarding KPIs. This integration enables the company to generate reports and dashboards. Certain reports, such as the number of leads created, the total number of conversions, and the number of deals in the paid status, are generated daily. Similarly, the number of tickets resolved and the average time it takes to resolve them is tracked on a daily basis in Desk.

  • Industry typeInternet
  • Employees350+ Employees
  • Type of businessPrivately held

Looking forward

Though started its Zoho journey with five users on Zoho CRM, today the entire company utilizes the Zoho One suite for all its core activities. The company intends to explore more products available in Zoho One to maximize its usage of the ecosystem.

"One of the pillars behind the productivity that we've been able to achieve today is definitely our usage of Zoho."

Avinash ChandranInformation Technology Support Manager,

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