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  • A congratulatory tweet by Melissa Rogozinski about Zoho CRM completing a year in training customers.
  • The training was excellent - it really got my mind racing on how we can utilize Zoho more effectively and how we can use it throughout our whole business. We are going to convert to Zoho One as a result of this training.

    Jack BrockAdministrators classroom, Dallas / Trainertainment
  • A Linkedin post by Claire Miskelly who is thankful to the trainer Sampath Kumar for the Zoho CRM admin training.
  • A tweet by Danielle Major about the Zoho CRM training she is attending in Miami
  • Very informative - I learned some more in-depth customisation and automation possibilities than I was currently using.

    Amelia SavorAdministrators classroom, Brisbane / SyncEzy
  • I really liked the step by step structure that we went through the sections, from least complicated to more complicated. I felt the way it was laid out was really informative, and if we needed to spend more time on a component then we were able to. Our trainer, was very knowledgeable and engaging and made everything that was complicated seem very approachable and doable.

    Helena BotesAdministrators classroom, Auckland/ Museum of New Zealand
  • A Linkedin post by Kalyani Bhagabani thanking Zoho and the trainer Sreekanth for the in-depth Zoho CRM training session in New Delhi.
  • A Linkedin post by Meenu Kottackal of the certificate of attendance she got for attending the Zoho CRM classroom training program, which she describes as a great experience.
  • A tweet by Melissa Bauman that says Zoho training was very informative and helpful for what I do at my company–@HailTrace
  • I liked that the trainer had a test environment for us and that he had us do exercises in class. He asked us questions that made us stop and think about what we knew.

    Gray KinneyAdministrators classroom, Dallas / BSRP, Inc
  • A Linkedin post by Moses Gomes thanking Zoho, the trainer Sreekanth, and the members of the Zoho CRM training team for the in-depth training session in New Delhi.
  • Very thorough coverage of all features in Zoho CRM. Great material to take home.

    Kristin TytusAdministrators classroom, Denver / Taft Partners
  • Training was simple/smooth and the trainer really knows the product. He was able to answer all questions I had.

    Veronique MoquinAdministrators classroom, Montreal / Oxilio Inc
  • A tweet by Melissa Rogozinski that says If you’re not using Zoho, you’re not maximizing your business’s fullest potential
  • We liked the interactive question and answer sessions, we learned about how others use ZOHO CRM. we came to understand the possible ways to use and customize the CRM. Thank you, ZOHO CRM has given me one more path in my little career.

    Jagannath GanapathiAdministrators classroom, Chennai / Srinivas Fine Arts Pvt Ltd
  • A Linkedin post by Melvin about the depth of the Zoho CRM admin training program and how he finds Zoho CRM insanely complete and versatile.
  • A tweet by the handle, certified computer, on how they were blown away by the Zoho CRM admin class.
  • A Linkedin post by Mladen Svarka after getting officially certified by Zoho CRM as an Administrator. He thanks his trainers for the multiple training sessions.
  • The class was small enough that everyone was able to get an individual experience. There was also enough time for everyone to get questions answered.

    Diane KingAdministrators classroom, Atlanta / Repete Corp
  • It was so comprehensive, very detailed. It is exactly what I needed for my growing business.

    Sharna RauchAdministrators classroom, Brisbane / East coast bali huts
  • A Linkedin post by Mladen Svarka of the certificate of attendance he got after the 3 day Zoho CRM training in Amsterdam
  • I was able to learn from the beginner level as a new user to see the full scope of its functionality. I liked that we were provided breakfast/Lunch/refreshments.

    Caryn KimAdministrators classroom, New York / XP investments
  • A tweet by Moldofsky on the 3-day CRM for Admins class in SF, and how it had a very good instructor and how he loved the class.
  • The detailed presentation of the materials. It made it easy to understand. Trainers were outstanding!

    Paul ChappellAdministrators classroom, Atlanta / Crestwood technology group
  • Very comprehensive, covered all of the topics that I was interested in. The teacher was very personable and well-informed.

    Rosa WaldieAdministrators classroom, San Diego / Lendsure
  • A tweet by Brent Liebel that says @zohocares I attended the November ZOHO training in Dallas. Great event, opened our eyes up to what this CRM system can do

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