Training for Sales Managers

This course is designed for sales managers and team leads who oversee, guide, and support salespeople within their organization.

In this course, you will learn:

To manage contacts and accounts, build a sales pipeline, and prospect deals inside Zoho CRM.

To employ CRM's built-in gamification features, and help boost the performance of your sales teams.

To seamlessly collaborate with your colleagues inside Zoho CRM, and maximize sales productivity through features like advance filters, macros, workflow, and approval processes.

To boost customer engagement through Zoho CRM's Omnichannel platform—through email, phone calls, or social media.

To work with the Sales force automation modules in CRM and reduce the number of administrative tasks that sales managers have to perform manually.

To utilize the Zoho CRM mobile app to execute field sales operations efficiently, and learn to generate field sales metrics to infer your sales team's progress.

About the extensive suite of reports in CRM, and how you can generate your own reports and dashboards.

Looking for Online training?

Through online training, we aim to offer a completely personalized training package tailored exclusively to meet the trainees' business requirements. The online training program will be custom-made for your business.



1. What are the modes through which I can be trained?
  • Classroom
  • Online
  • Onsite
2. What are the courses offered in this training program?
3. What is classroom training?
4. What is Onsite training?