Training for Developers

This course is aimed towards enabling developers to implement additional functions within Zoho CRM. You will also get the opportunity to interact with the Zoho CRM Developer community and learn the best practices of CRM development.

About the Event

The Zoho CRM Training Course for Developers is a four-day online training program that is aimed at enabling developers to implement additional functions within Zoho CRM.

  • IT services will learn to use extensive features to customize Zoho CRM based on their needs.
  • Freelance developers will learn how to apply their programming skills to benefit from better opportunities with Zoho CRM users in various industries.
  • The course covers the development-oriented features in Zoho CRM which facilitate programmers to code and incorporate whatever they need into their existing CRM. The training and learning will be both conceptual and practical.

What’s in store?

Each topic in this course is made up of four main components: concept explanation, demonstration, hands-on exercises, and Q&A session. So come to learn with us! We would love to help you on your journey through the exciting roads of CRM development.

Who can attend?

Our Developer training is suitable for people with the following skill set: handling HTTP requests and responses, Java or Python programming, web application development, basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.


4 Days | 5 Hours
  • Day 01
  • Day 02
  • Day 03
  • Day 04

Learn about Zoho CRM and the opportunities that are available to you in the developer space. Learn about the API support provided in Zoho CRM. Learn the authentication procedures that are supported. Understand the API classifications and their limits and best practices.

Module 01
  • Welcome to Zoho CRM
  • Zoho CRM Architecture
  • Opportunities for Developers
Module 02
  • Overview
  • Understanding CRM API Concepts
  • Terminology
  • Authentication Procedure
  • Understanding Identifier and Scopes
  • Request Methods and Response Structure
  • API Classification Based on CRM Concepts
  • Using the API in Different Scenarios
  • API Limits
  • Best Practices
  • Hands-On Practice Exercises

There may sometimes be a need to interact with third-party applications from within Zoho CRM. Understand the steps involved in setting up a connection with a third-party application and learn how to write Deluge functions that can operate on the data to accomplish necessary customized tasks.

Module 03
  • Overview
  • Setting up Connections
  • Using Connections
  • Hands-On Practice Exercises
  • API Classification Based on CRM Concepts
  • Using the API in Different Scenarios
  • API Limits
  • Best Practices
  • Hands-On Practice Exercises
Module 04
  • Understanding Integration Tasks in Functions
  • Configuring Functions
  • Hands-On Practice Exercises

Allow your Deluge functions to be accessed from outside Zoho CRM and understand how to use them in webhooks. Learn to create widgets to embed any custom application or third-party service into Zoho CRM.

Module 05

More About Functions

  • Triggering a Deluge Function
  • Customizing Related Lists
  • Setting up Custom Actions in Workflow Rules
  • Setting Follow-up Actions in Blueprint
  • Function as an API
  • Using Webhooks in Functions
  • Schedules
  • Hands-On Practice Exercises

Learn the steps to create your web application, host it locally or deploy it to a server, and view it in a browser. Extend your knowledge by learning how to integrate web applications with Zoho CRM seamlessly using the server-side SDKs.

Module 06
  • Overview
  • Installing Zoho’s Command Line Interface
  • Types of Widgets
  • Creating Widgets
  • Deploying Widgets
  • Hands-On Practice Exercises
Module 07
  • Overview
  • Developing Web Applications Using SDK
  • Hosting Web Applications
  • Using Web Applications
  • Introduction to SDK
  • Hands-On Practice Exercises

Looking for Online training?

Through online training, we aim to offer a completely personalized training package tailored exclusively to meet the trainees' business requirements. The online training program will be custom-made for your business.



1. What are the modes through which I can be trained?
  • Classroom
  • Online
  • Onsite
2. What are the courses offered in this training program?
3. What is classroom training?
4. What is Onsite training?