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Zoho CRM streamlines the day-to-day operations of thousands of businesses around the globe, every single day. Our instructor-led training programs are designed to help you get the most out of your subscription. Designing pristine software is only part of our job—helping you master it is the other.


Whether you're new to CRM software and are testing the waters with Zoho, or you're a veteran who's looking for the best possible experience—we've got you covered. We provide a range of training programs that cater to diverse roles and responsibilities.


For admins who are responsible for the setup, configuration, and maintenance of their organization’s CRM software.


For developers looking to customize and extend the capabilities of the Zoho CRM platform.

Sales Reps

For sales reps who are interested in practical training for using Zoho CRM to manage their day-to-day sales activities.

Sales Managers

For sales managers and team leads who oversee, guide, and support salespeople.

Classroom training

We host classroom training programs year-round in major cities across the world. See where we're headed.

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Looking for online or onsite training?

Through both online and onsite training, we aim to offer a completely personalized training package tailored exclusively to meet the trainees' business requirements. You can choose to get trained online or have an expert instructor flown out to your organization to administer a training program custom-made for your business.


Meet your trainers


Dhinesh Khanna

Global Head- Customer Success

Dhinesh has over 20 years of experience in pre-sales, consulting, and customer service. He's an automobile enthusiast, who loves to drive cars. Dhinesh always has a smile on his face, and enjoys working with both his clients and colleagues.


Ganesh Manoharan

Assistant Manager- Zoho Training

Known for his quality of customer service and love for problem solving, Ganesh has over 9 years of experience working with Zoho CRM, and has always been a first point of contact in training and knowledge transfer. He enjoys interacting with customers as much as he enjoys playing volleyball.


Vaagdevi Ravishankar

Lead- User Education

Vaagdevi is a part of the Zoho CRM User Education team. Her background in content writing and instructional design coupled with a keen interest for CRM that she developed over 5 years with Zoho make her an ideal fit to design the curriculum and courses for the Zoho CRM training program. She enjoys singing, writing and travelling.



Lead- Zoho Training

With over 8 years of experience, Sandeep has a real passion for training. According to him, good training is not just about teaching customers about features—it's about helping them figure out how to effectively use Zoho CRM as a solution to business challenges.



Lead- Zoho Training

With strong experience in teaching, Sampath adds great value when it comes to training customers. He is constantly dabbling with new ideas and scenarios, while making sure he explains the most intricate of features in a simple way. He unwinds after a long day of training by playing tunes on his saxophone.


Very thorough coverage of all features in Zoho CRM. Great material to take home.

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1. What is the Zoho CRM Training Program all about?

From visiting a new city, entering a new workplace, or learning new software, new experiences are certainly exciting, but can be equally puzzling. If you’ve just purchased Zoho CRM and are wondering “what's next?” this training program is for you.

The Zoho CRM Training Program is designed to offer our customers a dedicated platform to learn directly from specialists on how to leverage Zoho CRM to the fullest extent. The courses in this program cater to different sets of users categorized based on their role within an organization: sales representatives, sales managers, developers, and CRM administrators.

All courses are structured, led by dedicated trainers, and are designed for quality, hands-on learning. By the end of the training course, you will be equipped with the knowledge and tools needed to implement all of the capabilities of Zoho CRM for your organization.

We encourage you to consider attending this program so that the fog clears. We want you to feel confident in the investment you’ve made in a system that addresses the sales and marketing challenges within your company.

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4. What is Onsite training?