Build customer loyalty programs

The top customers for any company generate the majority of their business. Customer loyalty programs are a great way to engage with these customers and encourage them to buy more. A well-crafted loyalty program provides customers with personal, relevant offers which they are more likely to use. Active members are also good candidates for a company’s marketing efforts, like social media or other word-of-mouth campaigns. Zoho CommandCenter can be used to set up all necessary workflows for these programs and track interest and participation levels.

In this journey, once customers cross a certain overall purchase amount threshold, they receive an automated invite to the Elite loyalty program. Those who decline the invite are marked as not interested. Those who don't respond to the invite or the follow-up reminder are marked inactive. Inactive members receive periodic marketing messages about the Elite program and its various benefits. Those who opt into the program are marked active and get access to their own personal Elite portal. This portal gives them access to exclusive offers, curated to their shopping preferences, and helps them track their total points. This journey also tracks the frequency with which customers use their offers to gauge their engagement. Those who use three or more offers in a month are identified as top customers. On the other hand, those who don't use the program benefits at all are shifted to the inactive bucket. An internal system refreshes the offers in their portal and notifies the customers to try and get them back into the program.

Measure interest and participation levels

This journey offers insight into the effectiveness of this loyalty program, the business it generates, and who the business's top customers are. Low enrollment or participation levels could indicate that the program benefits or offers may not be good enough and need to be upgraded. Businesses can also create different versions of this journey and experiment with different criteria for highly engaged participants to identify their true best customers.

What happens behind the scenes?

This journey reads signals from ecommerce and ERP systems to get information about offers used and fulfilled orders, which indicate how actively customers are engaging with the loyalty program. It also automates messages on the company's custom-built application.


Some of the integrations are not available out-of-the-box, and need to be built using Zoho's Open API. If you need help integrating CommandCenter with any of the platforms you use, contact us at