Zoho CRM through 2017

Zoho CRM | December 29, 2017 | 1 min read


See the complete list of all that was new in 2017 here. Please share anything you wish to in the comments below.

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Jyothi Suresh
Product Marketing

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  1. Maricel Diaz

    Just want to check as my email notifications was stopped since dec 26.. is there any changes…
    whenever my colleague sends product approval, i supposed to receive a notification to approve a product, but i didnt receive any.
    please let me know what’s the problem.


    • Jyothi Suresh

      Hi Maricel, I will get someone from my team to get back to you on this. Actually by the time you receive my reply, you should have already received a mail from us 🙂 Let me know if there’s anything else I can help you with.

  2. Top Leaders

    Is the Finance Plus Intergration a feature that requires additional cost to access in our ZOHO subscription?

    • Jyothi Suresh

      Hello! If you have an account in any of the products in the Finance suite (Invoice, Books, Inventory , Subscriptions, or Expense) and if you are on the Professional or Enterprise edition of Zoho CRM, you will be able to enable the integration.

  3. Joe

    Those are some pretty awesome features!

    • Jyothi Suresh

      Glad you found them useful, Joe!

  4. Miriam Schwab

    I can’t believe I missed all these new features! How can I get updated about new features throughout the year?

    • Jyothi Suresh

      Thank you for writing to us, Miriam. You can always refer to our “What’s new” page for everything new.

      What you can also do is visit forums for all regular updates.

      I’ll be more than happy to assist you for any further help.

      • Miriam Schwab

        It doesn’t look like that page has a feed or any way to subscribe to get updates.

  5. Rajeev Ranjan


    • Jyothi Suresh

      Glad you liked it, Rajeev 🙂

  6. shafeeque

    great work

    • Jyothi Suresh

      Thank you, Shafeeque!

  7. Diane Darling


    • Jyothi Suresh

      Thank you, Diane 🙂

  8. Narottam Das


    • Jyothi Suresh

      Thank you, Narottam!

  9. Triveni Yadav

    Great Platform

    • Jyothi Suresh

      Thank you Triveni. Wishing you a great 2018 ahead!

  10. Roy Dressel

    The more I use Zoho CRM, and other Zoho tools, I wonder how I got along without them. Thanks and happy new year to all of you.

    • Jyothi Suresh

      Messages from happy customers like you make us realise that our efforts are counted. Thank you, Roy. Happy new year!

  11. Philip Haddad

    I hope you had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, well done!

    • Jyothi Suresh

      Thank you, Philip! A very happy new year to you too.

  12. Patrick Luft

    Used Zoho CRM Free just changed to One, Amazing Simply Amazing.
    Well Done Marketing to Smaller Guys, so appreciated.

    • Jyothi Suresh

      Thank you, Patrick 🙂 Welcome to the Zoho family!

  13. Brett Martin

    Great work guys. My clients are very very happy with all of the enhancements this year.

    • Jyothi Suresh

      Thank you, Brett! There’s a lot more coming your way this 2018. Stay tuned 🙂

  14. David

    The Best of the Best….no doubt. Thank you, guys!

    • Jyothi Suresh

      Thank you, David. Truly appreciate it.

  15. David

    Amazing products. Where has Zoho CRM been all my life!

    • Jyothi Suresh

      Thank you, David!

  16. Josh

    Great work Zoho Team!

    • Jyothi Suresh

      Thank you, Josh 🙂 Happy new year!

  17. Steve Lockwood

    Thank you!

    • Jyothi Suresh

      Happy new year, Steve!

  18. GKRaju

    We had an exciting 5 months of partnership and have done a lot in this short time. Hoping to take this further in 2018 and beyond

    • Jyothi Suresh

      Thank you for being part of our family. Hoping the best for you in 2018!

  19. Hervé Calderón

    Congratulations Guys! Hope you the best.

    • Jyothi Suresh

      Thank you so much!