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Low-latency, event-driven
UI actions with Client scripts

Empower your team to extend and customize how users see and work with CRM data. Run powerful functions like validation, computation, synchronization with third party apps, and more, all in real-time with client scripts.

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Let your sales focus on what they do best, build relationships with clients and closing deals. We're introducing a couple of enhancements in our automation feature sets to keep your sales team productive and focused on your prospects by automating key aspects of their daily workflow.

Multiple scoring rules for prioritizing your prospects

Make it easy for users across different departments to prioritize prospects or customers easier with multiple scoring rules, that allows you to score records based on different criteria.


Understand the underlying causes for workflow failures

Get in-depth information on workflow failures, the cause and the records that were affected allowing your team to resolve the issue and get them up and running again.


Forecasting and performance

Large scale revamps to our Forecasting and Reporting system are aimed at helping businesses set accurate targets and measure their performances against those targets, to maintain the long-term health of their business.

A new forecasting system built from the ground up

Plan your fiscal year with multiple forecasts across different time periods, augmented by target and achievement predictions of Zia, as well as drill-down and granularly compare your current performance with previous fiscal years.


Focus on sales data that matters with zones

Visualize and breakdown high-volume sales data with the Zone component to identify areas of concern and areas that are performing well in your sales process.


Introducing all-new Zoho CRM reports

Use the new and improved visual builder to generate complex reports easily. Generate precise reports by working with two or more modules, gain control over your reports by working with multiple related modules, and combine reports to expand your perspective.


Drive more leads by eliminating points of friction
on your webforms

Identify and eliminate factors that prevent prospects from submitting their data through your webforms with the new field and device based analytical components for webform analysis.



Zia has a number of enhancements under the hood to give you better insights and new levels of understanding of your customers to deliver a great customer experience.

Let Zia tell you why

Get a glimpse into the algorithm black box and
understand the factors that drive Zia to make the assignments, predictions and recommendations to
your team.


Better recommendations for improved conversions

Recommendations are now more effective for your sales team as they leverage data from similar customer
profiles and notify you of the factors that impact recommendations. You can now build workflows around recommendations and Zia notifications ensure no recommendation slips through the cracks.


Omnichannel Communication

In today's hybrid working environment, there is an ever-increasing reliance on digital communication channels. Maximize the benefits across these channels, when engaging with prospects with these enhancements to our email and telephony systems.

A personal touch to all your emails

Customize every aspect of your emails and aliases— font style, size, email signatures and more to give it your personal flair.


Get your business emails into the right hands

Ensure business critical emails are always accessible by the right people by setting email sharing permissions for individual users or roles and update them in bulk.


Kick off your sales call strategy with built-in telephony

If you want to hit the ground running with your sales calls, you can leverage Zoho CRM'S built-in telephony to purchase and assign numbers for your sales reps to start making calls with.


Multi-vendor telephony system for effective prospecting

Assign individual users or groups to different telephony systems in Zoho CRM depending on your geographical presence, vendor availability, vendor costs and more.


Streamline and manage your sales calls effectively

Empower your sales managers to track the performance of your reps on calls, coach them to perform better and jump in to take the lead when the situation calls for it.


User experience

Great user experience leads to a productive sales team, who use your CRM effectively which translates to a better overall experience for your customers. Here are some updates to improve the daily workflow of your sales reps in Zoho CRM.

Color-coded meetings in the Zoho CRM calendar

You can now color code your meetings in a way that makes sense for your business process, helping your sales team know what to prepare for with a single glance at their calendar.


Give your tags a unique visual flair

Associate unique colors with your tags so your sales reps can search, categorize, prioritize, and segment
records efficiently.


For the Administrators

CRM administrators have one of the most challenging jobs in keeping your CRM system running like a well oiled machine. Here's what you get to work with in the Winter 2021 release!

Multi-organization support
for Zoho CRM

Associate a user with multiple CRM accounts to allow owners, upper management, and decision makers to manage multiple businesses or business units with ease.


A new and improved testing bed for your customizations

Meet the new and improved Zoho CRM sandbox which now allows your developers to work on testing customizations in multiple dedicated sandboxes, work with sample or partial production data as well as track changes made live through a central deployment log.


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