What's new in Zoho CRM?



Zoho Finance Suite Integration

Integrate Zoho CRM with Zoho Finance Suite to get the sales context to your finances. On the integration of Zoho Finance Suite, you will be able to work with Zoho Books, Zoho Subscriptions and Zoho Expenses from Zoho CRM. Read More

Custom Buttons Web Tab Enhancement

Now choose your button action to open a new web tab or from the list of available web tabs in your CRM. This option helps you invoke a URL in a new tab along with merge fields in just a click of a button.Read More


Custom module enhancements

Custom module information will now be listed in the following places:

  • Workflow alert recipients
  • Webhooks
  • Custom functions
  • As a related module while associating field update in workflow rule configuration
  • Subject merge fields (workflow tasks)
  • Template merge fields (Activity modules)


Enhancement in copy customization

Copy customization now supports the option of workflow conversion.

Social Enhancements

Now receive notifications for new mentions, posts and comments by customers via Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus.

IMAP integration extended to Professional Edition

Email integration via IMAP, which was available only for the Enterprise Edition, has now been enabled for the Professional Edition as well.Read More

Improved UI for Customization

Zoho CRM now offers you a seamless navigation experience with customization, by grouping the various customization settings at a single location. Read More


Unsupported merge fields in templates

Unsupported fields are those fields that no longer exist in Zoho CRM for various reasons. If you try to create an email template with the merge field values of such unsupported fields, a popup prompts you to Remove Unsupported Merge Fields before you can save the template. This is applicable for email templates, inventory templates, webhooks and workflow tasks. Read More


BCC Dropbox extended to Potentials

The BCC Dropbox feature has been extended to potentials. Now emails sent with the BCC address will also be associated to potentials related to the contact. Read More

Introducing Social Permissions

“Social Admin” is a new permission, which when enabled, will allow a user to set up social media accounts and manage other user profiles that have access to them. In other words, a Social Admin will have access to the Social Settings.Read More

More custom fields for the Enterprise Edition

The number of custom fields available for the Enterprise Edition has been increased from 300 to 500. The individual limits for each field type has also been increased accordingly. Read More

Workflow Automation for Visits Module

If you have integrated your Zoho CRM account with Zoho SalesIQ, you may want to automate sales processes on the creation of a visit. This function is now possible in Zoho CRM. Read More



Configure workflow alert on event cancellation.

You can now configure workflow alerts on the cancellation of an event. In the Events module, you now have an additional rule trigger called "Cancel", which can be chosen to configure a workflow alert on the cancellation of an event.Read More

Zoho CRM for Google AdWords now available in the Professional Edition.

Google AdWords integration with Zoho CRM, which was available only in the Enterprise Edition of Zoho CRM, is now opened for users of the Professional Edition as well. Read More

My Open Activities custom view introduced in the Activities module.

My Open Activities, a new default list view in the Activities module, displays the open tasks, calls and events of the Zoho CRM user in question. Read More

Zoho CRM Enterprise Edition now supports a maximum of 30 custom modules.

In the Enterprise Edition of Zoho CRM, each organization account will now get one additional module for every 10 additional user licenses over and above the minimum default of 10 modules. Read More

Pin the My Posts & Tweets section in the Social tab

You can now pin the My Posts & Tweets section along with the other default streams in the CRM view of the Social tab. Read More

Now upload multiple files in your web-form.

You can now upload up to 3 files in your web-form. Make sure that the file size of all three files put together does not exceed 20 MB.Read More


Enhancements in Projects Integration with Zoho CRM

You can now categorize projects in Zoho CRM. While creating a project you can select a group that the project belongs to. Read More

Share a macro with fellow users

You can now share a macro that you have created, with other users. Besides this new feature, managing macros gets a new and improved UI. Read More

Custom module name field can now be an auto number field

So far the name field of a custom module could only be a Text field. Now it can be an Auto Number field as well.Read More

Introducing Zoho Motivator Integration with Zoho CRM

Zoho Motivator, a gamification solution aimed at maximizing revenue and driving team engagement can now be integrated with Zoho CRM. Sales reps can participate in sales contests, meet sales targets and showcase their performance to managers and peers. Read More


More Options for Scheduled Calls

Scheduled calls can now be rescheduled, marked as completed or cancelled. These options are available in the call’s details page, list views, related lists, reminders, calendar as well as the Home page’s Activity component. Read More

Enhancements in Approval Process

You can now act on the records submitted for approval from the respective record’s details page itself rather than from the Approvals tab. An option to Respond (Approve, Delegate or Reject) is now available in the details page of a locked record.Read More

More Custom Modules in the Enterprise Edition

The number of custom modules in the Enterprise Edition has been increased from 5 modules to 10 modules. Start creating your custom modules right away!

Set your own Date/Date Time format via Webhooks

Zoho CRM now offers users the option to select their desired Date/Date Time format and Time Zone during Webhook param configuration.

Zoho PhoneBridge now available in the Zoho CRM Standard Edition

Zoho PhoneBridge which was previously available only for Enterprise and Professional Editions is now available in the Standard Edition of Zoho CRM as well.

Specify Application Name for an Auth Token

Zoho CRM now allows users to enter an Application Name for generating an Auth Token. The Application Name is useful in easily understanding the purpose of generating the Auth Token and differentiating Auth Token generation across different applications. Read More


Submit Custom Functions Requirements

If you find that the Custom Functions Gallery does not have a pre-defined custom function to suit your requirements, you can post your specific needs to us. This can now be done from your Zoho CRM account itself while you configure custom functions.

Enhancements in Zoho Survey integration with Zoho CRM

You can now automatically push CRM users to your Survey account easily during configuration. Even if you have not prepared a survey email template, you can directly select and send a survey to a customer from the Compose Email popup. In addition to this, you can create, send and attend a survey from the Zoho Survey related list. Read More

Improved UI for Web Form Embedding Options

The user interface for web form embedding options has been improved for ease of use. You can simply select from Source Code, Embed or iFrame format and paste the code on your website. If required you can also choose to track Google Adwords information of the incoming lead/contact via web form.Read More

Enhancements in Zoho CRM Plug-in for Microsoft Outlook

Records that were not added in a previous synchronization will now be marked as 'Ignored' during previous sync and will automatically be unchecked. This way you easily know which records were not synchronized previously and you don’t have to uncheck them manually every time you sync records. Also, Contacts/Tasks/Calendar Synchronization details are now presented to you in three categories – To Add, To Update and To Delete for better clarity.


Filters in Audit Log and Approval History

From the exhaustive list of entries in the Audit Log, you can find out the required information using filters. Filter data based on entities, users, actions and time. The same set of filters is also available to filter entries in the Approval History. Read More


Limits for creating recurring tasks from list view

There is a limit to the number of recurring tasks that you can create in bulk for records from the list view. The limits are specific to Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and Yearly repeat options. Read More

Reminder Option for Workflow Tasks in Standard Edition.

Workflow Tasks are triggered when the associated Workflow Rule is executed. These tasks have the option to set reminders which is now available for users in the Standard Edition of Zoho CRM.

Introducing Due in Days in the Criteria for Date and Date-time fields

While specifying Age in Days it lets you filter records based on a past date in terms of the number of days. Due in Days will let you do so based on a future date. Be it a potential that is going to close in the next 8 days or a task that is to be completed in the next 6 days, you can view them using the Due in Days option. Read More


Mass convert Leads, Quotes, Sales Orders

You can now convert multiple leads into potentials at the same time. Not just leads, but you can also mass convert quotes and sales orders in a single shot. Besides mass conversion, you can also automate conversion of records by using workflow rules. Read More


Zoho CRM Plug-in for MS Outlook allows automatic synchronization of Event attendees

Zoho CRM Plug-in for Microsoft Outlook (Windows) automatically synchronizes Event attendees from Microsoft Outlook to Zoho CRM. Similarly, when an event created in Zoho CRM is synchronized with Microsoft Outlook, the participants are added in Microsoft Outlook as attendees.Read More

Report Scheduler limits increased

The Report Scheduler limitation has been increased from 40/organization to 20/user for all paid editions. Organizations can have a maximum of 100 schedulers per day. Also, only the Report Scheduler Owner can edit/delete/view report schedulers.


Introducing Allowed IPs

You can now limit the access to Zoho CRM from specific IP addresses and keep your data in CRM secure. Read More

Enhancements in Plug-in for Microsoft Outlook for Windows OS

Zoho CRM Plug-in for MS Outlook (Windows) just got better with enhancements in record synchronization, editing and duplicate checks. Read More


New email options introduced in Custom modules

True to their name, custom modules can now be customized even further with respect to their emailing options. You can now send/schedule mass emails, use email opt out option and set auto-responders! Read More

Customization of fields and links just got a lot easier

Customization of some special fields has gotten easier with a set of new enhancements in the user interface. Link customization has also become easier with an new modification in setting permissionsRead More.


Administrator can approve/reject records waiting for others' approval

The administrator of a Zoho CRM account can now directly approve or reject other users' records that are waiting for approval.

Phone number validation across Zoho CRM

Phone number validation has been introduced across all modules in Zoho CRM. Any phone number entered will be validated and accepted only in the correct formats to ensures that your database does not accumulate junk.Read More

Google AdWords info displayed for Visits

The marketing information section of the Visits will now capture Google AdWords information as well.Read More

Additional print options for records

Additional options aside from the default print option have been introduced for all records across modules. These are Mail Merge, Email Templates and Inventory Templates.Read More

Notes section revamp

The Notes feature across all modules in Zoho CRM has been enhanced to be made more user-friendly. Read More


Name field label of custom modules made editable

The field labels of default fields in custom modules are not usually editable. But the Module Name field label can now be renamed. Read More

More options added in Date/DateTime criteria

We have added more options in the list of date and datetime criteria for your easier selection. Read More

Free Edition - 10 Users free forever!

Zoho is reaching it’s 10th year in the market and to celebrate this occasion, we are offering 10 users free forever in our Free edition. Read More

API related enhancements

getSearchRecordsByPDC is now supported to search with list of emails for the predefined column "email". Read More



Pulse functionality in Feeds tab

Remember the cool functionality to keep track of Inactive records and Records followed by You that you had in the Pulse tab? They are back in the Feeds module now as 'Untouched Records' and 'Followed by me' options.Read More

Auto-Follow Rules can now be set by Administrator

As part of retaining the best features of Pulse, we have brought back the administrator's ability to set auto-follow rules for other users in the Feeds module.Read More

Zoho Projects enhancements

Zoho Projects integration just got better with a handful of enhancements!Read More

Deleting a user from your Zoho CRM Account

The Super Admin (Primary Contact) can permanently delete a user from the Zoho CRM account. Read More

Contacts look-up is enhanced to handle multiple related accounts

While creating/editing record in any module, the contact look-up popup now displays "contacts related to the Account1", "contacts related to the Account2" and "All contacts" to choose from. Also, its just enough if you hit the 'Enter Key' to get search results instead of GO.

The User-based look-up in criteria editor has been changed to drop-down

While editing/specifying a criteria, Account Owner/Created by/Modified by selection used to happen from a look-up popup. Now this has been changed to a drop-down. Also users are listed in the drop-down along with their photo and a check-box so you can now select multiple users at the same time.

Increased rate limit for searchRecords API method

The rate limit for searchRecords API method has now been increased. Previously, the limit was 20 calls per minute and this has been now increased to 60 calls per minute.Read More

Zoho Survey Integration updates

Zoho Survey integration just got better with a handful of enhancements that includes automatic appending of record id in the survey url, encryption of survey urls for additional security and more! Read More


Free-flow scripting for Custom Functions

Custom Functions in Workflow Automation now supports free-flow scripting as well. Also, while configuring a workflow rule trigger based on a date-field value, the limit for rule execution has been extended from 20 days to 90 days.Read More

Update list prices of products in bulk

Update the list prices of products under one price book in one shot using the Import List Price option.Read More

Schedule calls from Calendar

Earlier you could assign records to territories only based on an account rule. Now, you can assign records to territories based on a potential rule as well. Read More

Potential assignment rule for territories

Earlier you could assign records to territories only based on an account rule. Now, you can assign records to territories based on a potential rule as well. Read More

Locking Workflow Rule

You now have an option to lock a workflow rule that you have configured. This way, you can ensure that a rule cannot be changed even by mistake. Read More

New API Methods

We've introduced searchRecords, getModules and getDeletedRecordIds Methods in Zoho CRM API. Read More

Approval Process Automation

Now you can configure a set of criteria so that the records that meet these criteria are automatically submitted for the approval of users selected. Read More

Booking Accommodation for Your Teams from Zoho CRM

Easily find the best hotels and the best offers while arranging accommodation for your teams directly from Zoho CRM. The feature is powered by TravelNow, the Expedia Affiliate. Read More

Enhancements in Inventory Modules

Inventory modules in Zoho CRM have been improved to be more user-friendly. The Product Details section has been revised. Read More

Zoho CRM Plug-in for Microsoft Outlook for Mac

Zoho CRM Plug-in for Microsoft Outlook has now been extended to Mac users as well. You can now synchronize contacts, calendar events and tasks from Microsoft Outlook to Zoho CRM, associate Microsoft Outlook inbound and outbound emails with Potentials in Zoho CRM. Read More

Additional Character-Limit Options for Text Area

When you create a Text Area field for a module, you can now choose between two options with respect to the character limit – ‘Small’ Text Area and ‘Large’ Text Area. Read More

Enjoy more API Calls

The minimum limit for API calls has been altered. Now you can enjoy more API calls without having to upgrade. Read More

Workflow Field Update for Professional Edition

Enterprise users have a Field Update option, which helps them to automatically update certain field values in the records, when the associated workflow rule is triggered. Now this can be done from Professional Edition as well. Read More


Zoho CRM for Google AdWords

Zoho CRM for Google AdWords allows you to measure a customer's journey from the click to the conversions. It pulls the AdWords campaigns data into CRM, and exports the offline conversion data from CRM to AdWords. This integration also provides you with the ROI of each ad campaign, giving you a clear picture of the campaigns to invest and the ones to discard. Read More

CRM View - A New Design Approach

The CRM View intelligently scans your customers according to their stages in the sales cycle. It’s categorized based on the leads, customers and potential customers, which gives you a fair idea of the activities that demand your attention. The CRM View is going to be available across all the modules, starting off with Activities, Social and Visits. Read More

Social Selling

With the new Social tab, you can listen to customer conversations over social media and engage with them right from your CRM account. The CRM View for Social helps you identify which tweets and Facebook posts are coming from existing customers, from prospects and from unknown contacts. So now you can easily connect with prospects and build better customer relationships without leaving your CRM account.Read More

Turn Website Visitors into Customers

Website visitors are the hottest prospects for any business. And with Visitor Tracking, you can turn more website visitors into qualified leads. Visitor Tracking gives you complete visibility into the online activities of your customers and prospects such as the pages navigated, the duration of each website visit and the actions performed on each page. With CRM View for Visitor Tracking, you can prioritize your prospects list and plan your conversations before contacting them. Read More

Collaborative CRM

Feeds give you instant insights into what’s happening in your sales pipeline. It takes Sales Tracking to the next level by allowing you to follow prospects that matter the most to your business. A centralized location for communication, Feeds give you the flexibility to work as groups, share attachments, send direct messages and to post statuses.Read More

Send Surveys. Analyze Results. Increase Customer Retention.

You can now regularly schedule surveys, automate and distribute them right from Zoho CRM. The survey results are shown contextually within CRM, giving you better insights on the customers’ needs and to chart out an effective strategy for customer retention. Read More

Integration with Hosted PBX

Zoho PhoneBridge is now integrated with Twilio and Ringio. So you can make and receive calls from CRM, set up IVR menu configuration depending on your organization’s needs, associate activities after a call, add notes and do lots more! Read More


Zoho Support Integration

Zoho Support Integration is now extended to all paid editions of Zoho CRM. Read More

Data Backup

Enjoy 2 free data backups per month in paid editions. Want more? You can always get more data backups by paying $10 per request. Read More

Zoho CRM Mobile App is now Free

Zoho CRM mobile app is now free for all customers on any edition. Enjoy complete functionality (read and write access) to the mobile apps, irrespective of the edition.Read More

Introducing Merge fields for Tasks in Workflow and Macro

Choosing a dynamic value for task's Subject field in your Workflow Tasks and Macros just got easier with Merge Fields support.Read More

Increased File Storage

We have now upgraded the file storage plan for all organizations irrespective of the edition.Read More

Increased Export Limit

We're now giving 20,000 records for the first 5 csv export reports.Read More


Create and Map Fields Easily During Data Migration

Migrating data from other CRM systems into Zoho CRM got even more easier! Zoho CRM automatically identifies f ields that are not mapped but available in your import file and you can create them easily during the migration. Read More

Significant Enhancements in Zoho Projects Integration with Zoho CRM

Create your Zoho Projects Portal, set permission for profiles, enable client account mapping, track and manage your project details - all from within Zoho CRM. Read More


New UI for Import History

Get the detailed list of records that were added, updated, and skipped, along with the records' row numbers. Rollback button is now renamed as 'Undo the Import' and you have a lock icon instead of the confirm option.Read More

Workflow Rule Trigger Options Get More Flexible

You can now trigger workflow rules based on the 'Date Field Value'.Read More

Mark Frequently Used List Views as Favorites

It's now easy to access the most used list view with the new categorization. The list views are classified as 'Created by Me', 'Shared with Me' and 'Favorites'. Read More

Specify Criteria for Pick-list Fields from Drop-down List

While specifying a criteria for a pick-list field, you don't have to enter the value manually. The values are auto-populated so you just need to select a value from the list. Read More

Group Calendar View, Event Invitations, and more...

With the new UI and navigation, you can now get a clear view of the daily, weekly, and monthly events. You can view events for individual users, groups, and territories. That's not all, you can create events, send out invitations, track RSVPs and much more!Read More


Real-time editor in Document Library

Make document revisions fun and instant with the new real-time editor in Document Library. View the changes made by your team mates and collaborate in chat with them, then and there!... Read More



Territory Management

Large organizations with complex sales structure usually organize their sales team across product lines, geography, customer size, etc. If your organization follows any of these sales structures then Territory Management helps you manage sales across your organization effortlessly... Read More

Custom Modules

Every business has a set of requirements that may not fit into the standard modules, such as leads, accounts, contacts, potentials etc. Custom Modules allows you to develop new modules without programming skills and seamlessly integrate with core CRM modules... Read More

Custom Functions

Automatically push the CRM data to external Apps through a custom function from Deluge Script builder, so that you can retrieve useful information instantly and make the customer record better... Read More


Listen to and engage conversation with customers from your company's Facebook and Twitter accounts within Social tab. Every time a customer writes on your company’s Facebook page or mentions your @handle in Twitter, those interactions will be captured for your sales team just like emails... Read More

Web Forms

Web form for Leads, Contacts and Cases just got better with WYSIWYG editor, Captcha, file upload and much more. Create professional-looking web forms, publish them in Zoho Sites, WordPress, Googe Sites, Joomla based sites... Read More

Integration with Zoho Campaigns

You can now send campaigns from Zoho Campaigns using your Zoho CRM's mailing list. Plan, execute and extract specifics on how many emails were delivered, opened, unopened, clicked, etc. from CRM and benefit from the powerful integration. ... Read More

Integration with Zoho Calendar

With the advanced sync functionality between Zoho CRM's Calendar and Zoho Calendar, you can now streamline events and keep a centralized track of your schedule. View, edit and create new Zoho CRM Calendar of events from Zoho Calendar... Read More


Keep Track of Time with Sales Metric Reports

Timing is everything in sales! Use the Sales Metric Reports in Zoho CRM to calculate the valuable time spent on converting leads to closing deals...Read More


Capture trade show leads directly into CRM

What if you could replace the traditional badge scanner with a smart, mobile application that connects directly to your CRM application? Here's how you could do it and much more with the Leads App...Read More


Introducing Business Card Scanner App

Entering business card details manually into your CRM system is not fun. Any solution that helps automate data entry is a win for CRM users. That's the idea behind the new Card Scanner app...Read More


View customer information from third-party apps

Pull in any customer related information from custom apps and third-party applications and get a holistic view of your customer's information right within Zoho CRM...Read More

MailMagnet for Mobile Phones

Missing out on important customer emails while on the go? MailMagnet users can now receive their customers' emails inside Zoho CRM mobile app without fiddling with their phone's email settings...Read More

BCC dropbox

Send emails to your customers from your favorite email client, and have them linked to the right lead or contact in CRM using BCC dropbox...Read More


Document Library

One of the most common requests I get from the Zoho sales team goes like this: ”I am working with a hot prospect who is evaluating our product and X & Y competitors – can you email me all the UPDATED documents asap?”...Read More



Zoho CRM for Mobiles

Have time to kill after a meeting is cancelled with a customer? Turn a lost opportunity into a winning potential by finding nearby customers on the go. The customer locations are displayed on the map from where you can get the driving directions to the customer's location...Read More


Integration with Twitter

Connect with your customers even better right from within your CRM account. What’s more, you can tweet, reply to tweets, retweet or favorite recent tweets of your prospects. So how does this help you increase sales? Here are a few ways... Read More

Workflow Enhancements

Earlier, workflow rules were triggered if records were individually modified. Now, Workflow Rules will also be triggered for records that have been modified using Macros and Mass Update functions... Read More


MailMagnet intelligently scans your mailbox and displays only emails from prospects and customers that are relevant to you inside CRM. You can also instantly reply to emails, add follow-up tasks and write important notes... Read More


Integration with Zoho Campaigns

Zoho Campaigns, the latest addition to the Zoho Suite, is tightly integrated with Zoho CRM. You can execute your email campaigns and also keep track of  the responses...Read More

Workflow Rules for Activities

Save time by automating your Tasks, Events and Calls. You can send email alerts for pending tasks or even send notifications to senior management on the completion of 'high-priority' tasks...Read More


Zoho CRM for iPad

On a plane, at a remote location or travelling by car? You can stay in complete control of your business anywhere, anytime with the Zoho CRM native App for iPad...Read More

Integration with Zoho Reports

The Zoho Reports Integration supplements the established reporting engine in Zoho CRM with BI and advanced reporting capabilities. You can now visually analyze your CRM information, by creating insightful reports and dashboards using a drag and drop interface...Read More


Zoho CRM Macros

Zoho CRM Macros combine Emails, Tasks and Field Updates into a single action so that you can save time...Read More


Integration with Facebook

Zoho CRM now offers an integration with Facebook, thus bringing your customers’ Facebook profiles inside your CRM account itself. So, how does this help to build better customer relationships? Here are a few ways...Read More



Your CRM and Accounting software must support the sales transactions & receivables/payable in multiple currencies due to Government regulations or business model. Keeping in mind the business needs of companies who deal with global currencies, we at Zoho CRM offer complete support for multiple currencies...Read More

Zoho CRM for Android Phones

Access customer data from your Android phones with the Zoho CRM native application for Android...Read More

Custom Links

As a Zoho CRM User, you can now create custom links that help you use your customer data in an efficient manner. You might depend on other online Apps for information – like Zoho Support for tracking your Customer Support Requests. By defining custom links, you can navigate to the required service directly from your CRM account...Read More


Pulse Enhancements

While you’re looking up this ‘important prospect’, you may want to get a quick view of the deal – like the stage, the probability, the expected revenue and the closing date. Now that the Summary View is a part of the Pulse page, it is easy to see more details about any record that you’re following...Read More


We will keep this read-only mode accessible to customers all the time, so that in the event of an outage in our primary data center, your access to data will be preserved...Read More




Pulse lets you follow up on those deals that are most important to you. You can also know all that is NOT happening in your business... Read More


Communicate with third-party applications by sending instant web notifications every time an event occurs... Read More

Integration with LinkedIn

Associate LinkedIn profiles of your leads and contacts inside Zoho CRM. You can view their profiles and also comment on profile updates... Read More

Integration with Zoho Creator

Build custom applications to suit your specific business needs. You can create custom tabs by bringing Zoho Creator applications, forms and views inside Zoho CRM... Read More