The Advanced Analytics Add-on for Zoho CRM got an update. Till now, data from Accounts, Contacts, Leads, Potentials and Users modules were synced to Zoho Reports. Now, data from the Activities module can be synced too. With this enhancement, you can get your Zoho CRM’s Calls, Events and Tasks data analyzed using Zoho Reports.


As part of the update, over 30 default reports based on the Activities module data are available in the Advanced Analytics Add-on.


Some of the important reports include ‘Activities by Sales Person’, ‘Hot Accounts’ (accounts where number of activities is high), ‘Effective Activity Report’ etc.


You can create additional reports on top of your Activities module data too. For more details on how to set up Activities module data sync, refer here. Check out the demo database with more than 100 ready made reports.

One more neat enhancement that has come in for the Advanced Analytics add-on is the ability to sync the data any time. Previously, you can only have the data synced once a day. Now, you can sync the data whenever you want.


Hope you liked the above enhancements to the Advanced Analytics Add-on for Zoho CRM. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

ps: For those of you who haven’t started using the Advanced Analytics Add-on for Zoho CRM, just click Configure Advanced CRM Analytics (visible for all ‘Administrators’ of Zoho CRM) at the top right of your Reports / Dashboards pages of your Zoho CRM account. Configuring the add-on is as easy as 1-2-3.

  1. Ian Melchior

    This isn’t working for me. I get emails saying that Activity sync failed. What should I do?

  2. Ian Melchior

    Our company is very happy to see this new feature.

  3. arvindnatarajan

    Thanks, Mark 🙂

  4. MiguelAngelArce

    Excelent updates! keep adding modules, Campaigns for example.

  5. Mark Thurman

    Nice. As welcome as the activities reporting is, the manual sync option is the big news here for me. Several of my clients bemoaned its unavailability, especially just before regular review meetings. 🙂