Deliver impressive UX with widgets

Extend the potential of your business applications with JavaScript widgets. Contextually embed custom applications or third-party services into Zoho Creator, and equip yourself with additional features to enhance front-end capabilities. Bring more flexibility, control, and customization to your Zoho Creator applications.

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Deliver impressive UX with widgets
  • Drag-and-drop builder
  • Control front-end design
  • Incorporate third party apps

What are widgets?

Zoho Creator offers various out-of-the-box embeddable UI elements, called widgets, that you can use to extend app user interfaces and perform tasks beyond the scope of built-in features.

With widgets, you can create powerful apps with richer user experiences. Just add the individual widgets you need until you get your perfect application interface.

Widgets help you go the extra mile

Widgets enable you to:

  • Take complete control of your front-end UI and UX
  • Add additional features and extend your application interface
  • Perform tasks that built-in features can't accomplish
  • Build and embed interactive UI components, such as image sliders and multistep forms
  • Use JS capabilities to connect to Creator apps using SDKs
Widgets help you go the extra mile

Take complete control of your app's UI

  • Create and customize features

    Create new functionalities like app dashboards and enhanced forms, configure them, and pack them as widgets. Add them to your app or embed them in a page to attain exactly the usability you're looking for. Widgets can be placed directly on the page or combined as building blocks to create rich user interfaces and layouts.

  • Extend your application

    Build new features on top of Zoho Creator's existing offerings to create business apps that cover everything your organization needs. Create interfaces using any HTML, CSS, or JavaScript library, and reusable UI components. Widgets can also be hosted externally and linked with Creator.

  • Redefine app interfaces

    Take complete control of your front-end design and redefine the way your application interacts with your customers. Handcraft an UI to capture the finer details, create forms to suit your business requirements, and beautify your records. Conform to UX standards posed by any company or client.

  • Incorporate third-party apps

    Bring in data from any service and render it within Zoho Creator to create customized applications. You can incorporate data from third-party services or third-party JavaScript plugins into your Creator application as widgets.

  • Design feature-rich pages with JS support

    Widgets are embeddable UI components that you can create on your own using JS SDK. Use them to build the front-end of an app without the need for any infrastructure. Take advantage of thousands of free open-source JS libraries and design rich interactive pages for your users.

Construct a JS widget in 4 steps

  • Develop a feature

    Download the CLI tool and create a project template. Build your feature using JS, CSS, and HTML.

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  • Configure it as a widget

    Create the file containing the structure, design, and components of the widget.

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  • Test and pack

    Validate your app package and pack the project.

  • Upload to Creator

    Drag and drop the widget element from the Page builder for any Pages present in the application.

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Build widgets for your business app using JS SDK

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are widgets?

Widgets are used to extend the capabilities of your Zoho Creator application so that you could perform tasks that could not be accomplished using the in-built features.

Which editions of Creator support widgets?

Widgets are supported in the Premium and Ultimate plans.

How many widgets can I upload to Creator?

Creator supports unlimited widget upload.

What is the Command Line Interface (CLI) and how can I install it?

The Command Line Interface, or CLI, is used to send commands to a software program as lines of texts in order to interact with it. This interaction includes typing commands into the interface and receiving responses to them.

Can i access other client libraries and URLs using widgets (apart from the default Creator URLs.) ?

Widgets are allowed access only to the Creator servers and subsequently all other URLs are blocked.

How can I add my widget to a page?

Here's how you can add widgets to your page.