Zoho Creator User Guides

Everything you need to build, customize, deploy, and run your custom app.

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  • Getting Started

    Sign up for a Zoho Creator account. Or login to your account if you have already registered.

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  • Application

    Understand the life cycle of an application. Right from creating, editing, and designing to accessing and putting it to use.

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  • Forms

    Forms are the primary component of your application. Build and design forms with our form builder in minutes.

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  • Reports

    Reports are the report-building component of Zoho Creator. Develop and deploy sophisticated reports against any data across your applications. 

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  • Pages

    Pages are the most versatile component of Zoho Creator. Create powerful dashboards by combining elements and a drag-and-drop page builder.

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  • Workflows

    A set of actions executed at specific instances to automate routines in an application. When you trigger a workflow, it executes the set of actions associated with it.

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  • Deluge Guide

    Deluge, an integrated scripting language, enables users to add logic to Zoho Creator applications, making them intelligent, powerful and robust.

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  • ZML Guide

    ZML(Zoho Markup Language) defines the structure of a page in Zoho Creator.

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  • Application Sharing

    Share applications with individual users, customers or developers and assign different access permissions to them.

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  • Application Settings

    View and modify various primary settings like application name, date-time settings, signin options etc. along with advanced settings like data backup, creating custom functions and so on.

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  • Account Setup

    Configure and modify account related information. Manage organization and personal information, users, accounts, workspaces and other extensions.

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