Assign profile to user in portal

Assign profile to the user of the customer portal

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The assignUserInProfile Deluge task can be used in action scripts to assign profile to the existing users of the customer portal with the corresponding email address. If the email address does not correspond to an existing user then a new user will be added to the customer portal and the profile will be assigned. This feature enables the admin of the customer portal to assign specific profiles to the user thus ensuring permissions are granted to users based on their necessity.


thisapp.portal.assignUserInProfile("<Email ID>","<Profile name>");


  • <Email ID> - Specify the email address of the user of the customer portal. You can either specify an email address, for example, or add a Deluge expression that will return an email address, as value. For example, input.emailid, where emailid is the name of a form field.
  • <Profile name> - Specify the profile name that has to be assigned to the user. The profile name can be the predefined or a custom one created by the admin.

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