This help page is for users in Creator 5. If you are in the newer version (Creator 6), click here. Know your Creator version.

Sample Widget: Playground

We shall learn to add a sample widget into your Creator application. The procedure is as follows:

  1. Download the ZIP file.
  2. Open the application in which you need to embed the widget.
  3. Navigate to the Settings page.
  4. Select Widgets.
  5. Click New Widget button. 

  6. The New Widget pane appears. Enter your Widget name.
  7. Choose Internal in the Hosting drop down.
  8. Browse and upload the zip file which you downloaded.
  9. Enter /index.html in the Index File field.

  10. Click Create. The created widget is added to the Widgets page.

  11. Now, Navigate to the Design page of the application.
  12. Click Open Page Builder button.

  13. The page builder will appear. Select Widgets.

  14. The created widget will appear. Drag and drop the widget into the builder area.
  15. Click Done to exit the builder.

To access the widget:

  1. Click Access this application.
  2. Navigate to the page where the widget was added. The widget will now be displayed.

  3. To try out the functions, click on any one of the options listed at the top the widget. Enter the required values.

  4. The respective method response will be displayed.

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