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Understand reset password template in customer portal

This feature allows the administrator to customize the reset password template. When a user requests a password reset from the portal home page, the customized reset password template with the reset password link is automatically sent to the user's email address. The user can change the password from the link in the email.

The reset password template window contains the following components:

Template: The Template field refers to the default name of the template.

Subject: The Subject field is the subject of the password reset email. You can customize the subject of the email from this field.

Available Merge Fields: Each Available merge field consists of selected fields. The Copy merge field value is generated by choosing a combination of values from the Available merge field and the Select field. Copy and paste the generated merge field value in the body of the email.

The list of available merge field values are:

  • ${Portal.DOMAIN_NAME} - returns the domain name of the portal
  • ${Portal.ADMINISTRATOR} - returns the name of the portal administrator
  • ${Portal.SUBDOMAIN_NAME} - returns the sub-domain name of the portal
  • ${Portal.LINK_NAME} - returns the application link name
  • ${Portal.DISPLAY_NAME} - returns the display name of the portal
  • ${Link.PORTAL_URL} - returns the link to access the portal
  • ${Link.ACCEPT_PORTAL_INVITATION} - returns the link to accept portal invitation
  • ${User.EMAIL_ID} - returns the email address of the user
  • ${User.FULL_NAME} - returns the full name of the user

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