Understand users and groups

Understand users and groups

A User is an individual who has access to a Zoho Creator workspace and Zoho Creator Applications subject to permissions granted by the Application Owner. You(application owner) can add users to your account and set permissions for them. The number of users that you can add to your account depends on your subscription. For example, if you have subscribed to the Premium plan(10 users), then you can add a total of 9 users, one being yourself. You can provide the following permissions to your users.

  1. Create application - Permission to access and create application in your workspace/account
  2. Account setup - Permission to access your account setup section
  3. Subscription - Permission to access your subscription details

On the other hand, the account setup page will also list the shared users when you share an application with them. You can revoke application access to shared users by deactivating them directly from the Users section. Refer Manage Users section to learn more about configuring users in your account. 

What is a group?

Group refers to a collection of Zoho Creator users. A group lets you categorize a similar set of users which makes it easy to share and provide access permissions to your applications. You can create a group and invite users to join, or you can be a member of the group created by other users.    

Assume an Education Management app in which you want to share the faculty profile form with all the faculties in your institution. You can create a group for Faculties and share the form once, instead of sharing with each of them individually. The Groups page lists the groups that you own, and you belong to, as shown in the image below.

Refer Manage Groups section to learn more about configuring groups in your account.

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