Manage Groups

Manage Groups

To access Groups:
  1. Click the Setup icon in the top-right corner of your homepage.

  2. Select Groups under User Management.

  3. The Groups page displays the list of groups which you own and belong to. Click Create New Group to create a new group.

  4. You can configure the following settings in the Groups page:
    • Group name: Enter the name for the group.
    • Description: You can add a short description about the group.
    • Members email address: Enter the email address of the users you want to invite. You can type in the email address or choose from the list of your Zoho contacts.
    • Message and language: Set the message and language for the invitation.
  5. Click Create.

  6. The Groups page will display the newly created group. Mouse over a group name to invite more users, edit, and delete the group.


Only the Administrator of the group can see the options to invite users, edit, and delete the group. If you're a member of the group, you can unsubscribe to stop receiving further notifications and messages.

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