"The fact that we can, overselves, create an application for our organizational needs, without a need for great development or coding skills, sold Zoho Creator to us."

Gopi Krishna P,Chartered Accountant

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Automate your finance management processes, end-to-end

Expense saved is income gained

Digitize your expense tracking without compromising on how you want to fit it into your process. Design your own custom finance apps with multi-level approval systems that ensure that spending is always kept in check.

All your accounting in one place

Manage all your accounting processes, like sales, purchases, etc., in a single custom finance software, and stay updated with real-time notifications. Gain insights faster with big picture views of all things finance on color-coded dashboards.

Projects to financial projections on the go

Be it assigning projects or studying financial projections, take work wherever you want with ready-made native mobile apps, automatically available with every web-based finance app developed on Zoho Creator.

Switching to Zoho Creator is simple

Our finance automation platform can help your team in multiple scenarios:

Switching to Zoho Creator is simple

Paper-based systems

If your team is reliant on a paper-based system, you can easily replicate a Creator application to handle the same processes, using our drag-and-drop form builder—and you won't need developer experience to do it.

Spreadsheet systems

If your team works with a lot of spreadsheets—and are finding it difficult to collect and collate data into one unified version—Zoho Creator lets you convert your spreadsheets into apps in a matter of minutes

Traditional systems

If your team has to wait weeks or months for IT to build a project-based application or a quick form, Creator gives you the power to do it yourself. And don't worry, Creator applications can be built or tweaked with minimal technical knowledge.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is financial process automation?

The process of digitalizing the key processes in your financial management business flow, like expense management, budgeting, and bookkeeping, is called financial process automation. If your business opts for a solutions that's accessible on the cloud it's an added advantage for your different teams working from various locations.

How do you automate your business' finance operations?

As is the case with automating any business process, you need to follow these steps to automate your finance operations.

  1. Decide on what your business intends to achieve by automating the finance process.
  2. Zero in on the core financial workflows that need to be automated.
  3. Evaluate and choose the right software partner/technology for implementing the process.
  4. Train your staff thoroughly on the new process.
  5. Maintain, manage, and modify the software solutions when required.

What are the key finance processes?

There are a large set of finance processes involved in any business. The six most important processes are:

  • Accounts payable and receivable
  • Daily bookkeeping
  • Payroll
  • Expenses
  • Invoicing
  • Taxation