Usage Limits

Usage Limits

 Maximum number of executable statements per deluge action

The Maximum number of executable statements per deluge action (e.g. on load or validate or on submit ) is 5000. For example, if you have a "on validate" action that executes a single "if" task and you have two tasks within the "if" statement, the total number of executable statement for this action is only 3. But if you have a "for each" loop within your action script, the number of times the tasks are executed depends on "the number of records iterated x the number of tasks".  For example, if you have 500 records to be iterated and 3 tasks, the total number of executable statements for this action is 1500. It is not the number of times they are triggered by users or it is not a daily/monthly limit.

 Other statement limit

Limit on number of Emails that can be sent, Get Data, Post Data is by default 500per day and for Zoho API, it is 50 per day. If the send mail statement per day quota is reached, creator does not send any more mails but instead logs all email details. Click on Open Log Details, to view the log of all emails. For E.g. You can send up to 500 emails per day. If the number of emails exceeds the quota per day, the email will not be sent and instead it will be logged so that you can know the email that did not get sent.

 View Log Details

To view the the terminated statements in the log details,

  1. Click on "Open log details" to view all the logs as shown in the screen-shot given below:
  2. Select the time period in the picklist to view the log details.
  3. The terminated tasks list for the selected date will get listed as shown below:

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