Understand sending email notification

Understand sending an email notification on form submission

You can enable your users to automatically receive an email notification when they submit an entry through your form. Most importantly you can send this email from a different From address (learn more) and include in the email the data your users submit.

Learn how to enable sending email on form submission

Available customizations

You can customize this email notification as follows:

  • You can set the From email address with any one of the following:
    • The admin user's email address
    • The logged-in user's email address
    • A verified email address. Learn more
  • You can set the To, CcBcc, and Reply-to email addresses with any one or all of the following:
    • The admin user's email address
    • The logged-in user's email address
    • The email address that the user enters in an email field in that form
  • You can include the data (field values) that the user submitted in the email's Subject
  • You can do the include plain text, rich text, hypertext (text with hyperlinks), HTML code, and field data in the email's Message
  • You can make use of a templates to include user submitted data in the email:
    • You may use the default templates or use record template you created
    • You may append user submitted data, as defined by the template, to the email's Message
    • You may include user submitted data in emails as a PDF attachment
Note: The send email notification can be enabled only if the admin's email address is verified.

Send your emails from a different From address

You can send emails from your apps from a different email address than the one you signed-up with. To do so, you'll need to verify it first — ​ensure that you own it and that an email address isn't being used without consent. Upon verification, it gets added as a Sender Email in your account. You can use these email addresses to send emails from all the apps (built using Creator) in your Zoho account. You can even use them in send mail tasks in your Creator apps' Deluge scripts.

Availability of this Sender Email feature and the number of sender email addresses that you can add to your account, are subject to your subscription.

Things to know

The number of email notifications that you can send depends on your subscription. Refer to usage details to learn more.

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