Feedback Management and Content Organization

  • Zoho Commentbox is the best tool for successfully managing and organizing all incoming customer feedback. Keeping track of the plethora of incoming customer ideas and queries is easy with features like product-specific forums, topic type-specific voting, and intuitive content organization and user management.
  • Forums and sub-forums

    Easily manage and organize all incoming customer feedback by creating individual forums and sub-forums for each product. Successfully keep track of all feedback threads and idea discussions while also enhancing your brand with custom URLs and creating a consistent, user-friendly experience for your customers.
  • Topic status

    Maintain a productive and organized feedback system for both you and your customers. Topic status indicates the current state of a particular suggestion or question within the feedback system, thereby minimizing redundancy of ideas and allowing customers to participate in a constructive way.
  • Voting + Best answer

    Empower the voice of your customers with voting rights and best answer selection. With the option to vote on an idea proposal or decide on which discussions provide the best solution to a problem, your customers have more power than ever to express what works best for them. And you, as a result, can get the most out all incoming feedback.
  • Fine grained access

    Protect your customers' valuable insight by controlling access to content. Creating public and private forums allows you to directly manage the accessibility of information and each user's interaction level.
  • Extensive moderation

    Ensure a controlled and constructive feedback process by taking advantage of Commentbox's extensive moderation options. From facilitating individual or broad topic discussions to supervising user groups, you can guarantee a consistent and beneficial experience for your users, each and every time.