Bot Handlers

Customise your bot using bot handlers

Cliq provides you Bot Handlers, to customise your bot. These handlers are pre-defined responses to any specific actions/ messages in a bot. Take a look at the list of handlers responsible for personalizing a bot :

Menu Handler:

The bot menu handler can be used to add a list of 5 important actions to be added to the bot's chat! Learn more about the attributes passed when the bot menu handler is triggered.

Message Handler:

Messages handlers will be triggered when a bot receives a message! The bot creator has the potential to post messages through a bot. The creator can either choose to post the message to all the users subscribed or only a few selected users. Learn more about the attributes passed to the deluge task when a message handler is triggered. 

Welcome Handler:

A welcome handler is used to define the custom message when a user subscribes to a bot. Check the various attributes passed when a welcome handler is triggered. 

Mention Handler:

The mention handler is executed to render a response when a bot is "mentioned" in a chat or channel. The mentions handler when triggered passes the following attributes to a deluge code. They are:

Incoming Webhook Handler:

This handler is an easy way to post messages from external services, with the help of their outgoing webhooks. Trigger your handler to render a response when external services share messages in your bot. Take a look at our incoming webhook handler help page to know more. 

Context Handler:

Context handlers come in handy when the user has to be engaged in a conversation with the bot. The conversation is mostly in a question-answer format. This handler can work in association with all other bot handlers. The various attributes passed from a bot handler to a context handler is explained in this page.

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