Bot Mention Handler

Bot Mention Handler

The mention handler is executed and renders a response when a bot is "mentioned" in a chat or channel. The mentions handler when triggered passes the following attributes to a deluge code. They are:

  • Message
  • Mentions
  • User
  • Chat
Attribute NameDescription
messageDetails of the message where the bot is mentioned.
mentionsDetails of the bot mentioned.
userInformation of the user mentioning the bot.
chatChat details where the bot is mentioned.
locationDetails of the current location of the user.


Let us consider an Op Bot built by the Operations Team, which helps you connect to the front desk easily or informs you about a package that was delivered in your name.  A sample syntax for the Op Bot's mention handler is given below. This handler is triggered when the bot is mentioned in any conversation! 

//Sample Syntax for Bot Mention Handler

response = Map();
response.put("text","Hey! Thanks *" + user.get("first_name") + "* for mentioning me here. I can help you get in touch with the *Front Desk* easily or book your *Shuttle* , to name a few! Take a look at my *Actions* menu to get an idea about my responsibilities. :cool: ");
return response;


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