Bot Incoming Webhook Handler

The incoming webhook handler focusses on letting third party (external services) post messages in your bot. The bot's incoming webhook handler should be configured in the third party service with the authentication key or API Key. This API key is useful for authenticating the incoming webhook API's from external services.

Sample Bot Incoming Webhook Endpoint{bot_unique_name}/incoming 


Below given are the list of attributes passed when an incoming webhook handler is executed:

Attribute NameDescription
headersHeader details from the request made to the server.
parametersParameter details from the request made to the server.
bodyRequest body as the type string.
http_methodGET | POST | HEAD 
userDetails of the user who has triggered the handler.


Let us consider the Connect Bot as an example. The Connect Bot is configured bring notifications about a new post or announcement made on Zoho Connect. Zoho Connect has an Outgoing Webhooks Module where the bot's webhook URL has to be configured. The webhooks module has a list of activities for which event updates and notifications are offered. You can choose the list of events for which you would like to be notified and proceed to configure the bot webhook URL. 


Authentication of the webhook URL should be done by passing the value of a Webhook token as the key for authentication. A sample incoming webhook URL of a bot is shown below<paste_webhook_token_here>


Note: You can learn more about webhook tokens here

How to configure the bot's incoming webhook URL in Zoho Connect's Outgoing Webhook Module

  1. In Zoho Connect, click on the Integrations icon and select Outgoing Webhooks. 
  2. Click Configure and select activities for which you would like to receieve updates. 

Configure outgoing webhook is Connect

For this example, we've configured the following options:

  • Activity - In my network. This means, you'll be notified about any updates in your connect network. 
  • Activites - Conversation, Announcement, and Forum Activities. 
  • Action - URL
  • URL - Provide your bot's incoming webhook URL with the webhook token

How to handle notification updates pushed to the bot's incoming URL

The bot incoming webhook URL is called with the corresponding JSON Object when an activity occurs in Zoho Connect. This JSON will be available either in the headers or body parameter of the incoming webhook handler. Configure the bot response based on this JSON received. A sample syntax of the  Zoho Connect bot's incoming webhook handler is given below. 

postdata = body.toMap();
if(postdata.get("url") != null)
	url = "" + postdata.get("url");
	ownerinfo = postdata.get("createdBy").toMap();
	uname = "" + ownerinfo.get("name");
	plaintextobj = postdata.get("plainContent");
	if(plaintextobj != null && (plaintextobj + "").trim().length() > 0)
		message = {"text":plaintextobj,"bot":{"name":"Connect Bot","image":""},"card":{"title":uname + " on Connect!","theme":"modern-inline"},"buttons":{{"label":"View Post","type":"+","action":{"type":"open.url","data":{"web":url}}}}};
return message;

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