Working with Webhook Tokens

Webhook Tokens are unique authentication keys specific to a user. They are used to authenticate incoming webhook calls to any Cliq platform component. Each user can generate a maximum of 5 Webhook Tokens. The webhooks API allows your Cliq platform component to subscribe to events from other third-party applications. The webhook endpoints available in Cliq and their description are listed below.

Channels Message Endpoint :

This endpoint could be used to post message notifications to a channel from any third party application. To get the api endpoint, click on channel display picture --> Connectors --> API Endpoint{$channel-unique-name}/message?zapikey={paste_webhook_token_here} 	


You can also use these webhook tokens to authenticate Cliq messaging APIs. for further information refer messaging APIs

Bot Incoming Webhook Endpoint :

This endpoint is used to push notifications in a bot in real-time. To get the $bot-unique-name, User Profile ----> Bot & Tools ---> click on the bot name ---> Incoming Webhook Endpoint.{$bot-unique-name}/incoming?zapikey={paste_webhook_token_here}

Extension Incoming Webhook Endpoint :

A Cliq Extension can be subscribed to a third party application using this endpoint. The $app-id is the unique identifier of an extension. For each extension there will be two $app-ids, one for sandbox and one for the marketplace. The Extension Endpoint also requires the appkey param in the url which is mandatory for authentication. The $app-id will be given with the complete endpoint url in User Profile --> Bot&Tools --> My Extensions --> Connectors --> Incoming Webhook Endpoints{$app-id}/incoming?appkey={$appkey}&zapikey={paste_webhook_token_here}

Managing Webhook Tokens

Webhook Tokens are listed under the Bots & Tools section along with all the other internal tools. Click on Create New Token to create a Webhook Token. All your Webhook Tokens will be listed under Active Webhook Tokens.

Note : Deleting an active webhook token used in an integration will lead to failure. Make sure to replace a deleted webhook token with a new one for any existing integrations.