More about Cliq Screen Share 

More about Cliq Screen Share

  • The recipient of the session will receive the request via web and desktop apps. Once accepted the session will be established. 
    In the below image, Scott Fisher is receiving a screen share session from Olivia Palmer.
  •     The user can choose to view the session in full screen mode by clicking on full screen icon.
  • Clicking on the circles (profiles) in the bottom left corner will toggle the screen respectively both in full screen and window screen mode. 
  • One can enable video as well by clicking on the camera icon given in the bottom of session. 
    An example in line with the above image - If Scott Fisher enables camera then his video will be displayed to Olivia Palmer and vice versa. 
  • When in full screen mode, the conversation with that user can be accessed by clicking on the chat icon given in the bottom of the session. 
  • Apart from this, when in chat window mode the users can text with each other and in other chats as well. 

Thus a screen share session gives you the best of collaboration in Cliq—you can share your screen, discuss on it, enable video if needed, and also text and converse in new incoming chats!


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