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  • Simple Web Application

    Create a single-page serverless web application using Catalyst Advanced I/O Function and Catalyst Data Store that allows you to report or look up alien encounters in a city.

  • Microservice

    Build a simple microservice using Catalyst Basic I/O Functions and integrate it with Zoho CRM to send automated counter-based email alerts when more than a specific number of leads are created.

  • Event Function

    Configure a Catalyst Event Function and associate it with a Catalyst Event Listener that will send automated onboarding emails to the application's users when they sign up.

  • React App

    Create a URL shortener service '' as a React application using Catalyst Advanced I/O Function and other components, and automate its building process using Catalyst scripts.

  • To-Do List App

    Build a to-do list web application using Catalyst Advanced I/O Function and Catalyst Data Store that enables you to note down tasks to be done and delete them after they are done.

  • Cron Function

    Build a web news application using Catalyst Cron, a Cron Function, and an Advanced I/O Function that periodically fetches the latest news from a third-party service automatically, and displays their headlines with links to the articles.

  • Working with Circuits

    Build a web application 'Museum Finder' using Catalyst Functions that helps you find museums based on ratings and traveller type criteria, and automate its workflow using Catalyst Circuits.

  • Authentication App

    Create a simple web application using the features of Catalyst Authentication that provides user sign-up, application login, password reset, and implements Zoho and Google sign-in providers.


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