Customized pricing and features for agencies

14-day free trial.Yearly subscription.


How many contacts do you want to manage?



All features from Professional plan+

  • Unlimited emails
  • Agency console
  • Up to 10 clients
  • License sharing
  • Client invite
  • Content sharing


  • 1 client at /month billed annually

How to sign up for the Zoho Campaigns Agency Edition

Simply fill out the form that we've embedded here. Our team will evaluate your requirements and get in touch with you quickly.

To learn more about the Agency Edition before signing up, visit our Agency Edition page. We've embedded the same form there so you can complete your signup.

Frequently asked questions

  • Does the Agency Edition support a monthly subscription?

    No, the Agency Edition only supports a yearly subscription.

  • What's the minimum number of contacts I can purchase?

    The Agency Edition requires you to purchase 10,000 contacts at a minimum.

  • Do I get a free trial when I sign up?

    Yes. Our team will evaluate the request that you submit and enable a free trial for 30 days. You can add up to 2500 contacts and access all the premium features of Zoho Campaigns, including the ones exclusively built for agencies. Once expired, your account will be downgraded from the Agency Edition to the Forever-Free Plan.

  • How many clients can I add and manage inside Zoho Campaigns?

    Your license allows you to add and manage up to 10 clients. For every additional client you add, you'll have to pay / month billed annually.

  • How many contacts can I share with a client?

    While the bare minimum is 500 contacts, you can share as many contacts as you want based on your needs.

  • Can I redeem the contacts shared with a client when they end my service?

    Yes. Let's say that you've shared 2000 out of the 10,000 contacts you've purchased. You get back the 2000 contacts on the next monthly cycle after removing the client from your account.