'Tis the season for sales!

Accelerate your holiday sales with email marketing.

Email marketing can be the key to clinching more deals at any given time, and holidays are no exception. Turn this season into a shopper's paradise and take your profits to new heights. Here's a list of best practices that will get you going great guns this season.

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Create a model for your promotions.

Promotions can be hit or miss; it all depends on the way you plan and execute them. Prepare a checklist of important activities and stick to your schedule so that you set your promotions up for success.

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Capture more subscribers with forms.

More subscribers means more visibility and more sales. When it comes to scoring more subscribers, sign-up forms go a long way. Create an exclusive design for your promotion form this season, and add it to your website to increase your holiday footfall.

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Grow and maintain a healthy list.

Having a clean, recent, and permission-based mailing list will help you channelize your promotional efforts. Segment your list based on select criteria like location, age, industry, etc., so you can promote to the right people.

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Captivate your customers with stunning email.

With all the hustle and bustle, it's easy to forget that holidays are meant to be a happy time. Remind your recipients of this joyous time with a fun and creative email design.

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Create copy that speaks for itself.

As cliche as it may sound, no one can deny that content is king. Draw your recipients in with quality email copy, and support your words with visuals and videos to capture your audience.

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Automate follow-ups and save time.

From sales emails to thank you messages, send a series of follow-ups to your customers based on their responses. Once you get the messages in the right order and set the time interval, let automation take care of the rest.

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Test email versions for better conversions.

It is very important to know how your audience respond to your emails. A/B test your emails with a test audience to see how your emails will impact a larger group.

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Get the first impression right with subject lines.

A good subject line is all it takes to get a recipient open your email. Maintain a direct, clear, and persuasive tone in your subject, hook your readers with catchy pre-header text, and watch those email opens pile up.

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Share your promotions on social media.

Make your campaigns more visible by sharing them on various social media platforms. Create a Facebook promotion tab, Twitter sales card, or LinkedIn campaign based on where your target audience is.

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Don't miss out on last-minute shoppers.

Some of your shoppers may arrive late, but that doesn't mean you can't snag more sales at the last minute! Offer additional discounts and coupons to your eleventh-hour shoppers and help them buy more in less time.

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Pay attention to your audience's suggestions.

Start a conversation with your customers right from your campaigns. Collect instant feedback and suggestions. Also, send survey requests to your customers and ask about their shopping experiences so you can make your future promotions even better.

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