Integrate your favorite apps with Zoho BugTracker today.

    Zoho Apps

    • Zoho Desk

      Raise a ticket in Zoho Desk and get your bug logged in Zoho BugTracker.

    • Zoho Analytics

      Give meaning to your project data with our Zoho Analytics add-on.

    • Zoho People

      Know your team's availability and assign tasks accordingly.

    • Zoho Books

      Create and send project invoices using the GST ready accounting app.

    • Zoho Invoice

      Prepare budget, track expenses, and generate invoices for your projects.

    • Zoho Docs

      Create and share project documents with Zoho Docs integration.

    Google Apps

    • Google Drive icon
      Google Drive

      Create, share, and collaborate on the go.

    Microsoft Apps

    • OneDrive icon

      Add files from your OneDrive to your projects.


    • JIRA

      Import data from JIRA cloud to Zoho BugTracker.

    Manage Repositories

    • Github icon

      Host your repositories, see source commits, and make code changes.

    • Bitbucket icon

      Host your Git and Mercurial repositories and see source commits.

    Manage Documents

    • Dropbox

      Zoho BugTracker can pick up and drop files and folders into your Dropbox.

    • Box

      Keep your projects and documents together in a Box.

    Automate Workflows

    • Zapier icon

      Automate bugs with a simple Zap!

    • Zoho Flow
      Zoho Flow
      Integrate Zoho Bugtracker with 500+ apps including the Zoho Suite.

    Manage Bugs

    • Crashlytics icon

      A powerful crash reporting service integrated with Zoho BugTracker.