Sync your calendars

    Integrate with Google, O365, and Zoho Calendars. Get booked only during available slots.


    Set up buffer times

    Add buffer times to your schedule to allow yourself time before and after each appointment.


    Avoid surprise bookings

    Receive appointments within a scheduling window. Customize the times you'll start and stop taking bookings from your clients. No last-minute cancellations


    Plan work and break times

    Define your working hours and break times. Prevent people from booking you outside of working hours or during breaks.


    Time off and special hours

    Mark time-off for your vacations or days off. Working an extra day or covering for a colleague? Add special working hours.


    No last-minute cancellations

    Set specific time limits for cancellation and rescheduling. Opt for a deposit or partial payment if you want to bring down the number of cancellation.

New success stories every day

"Zoho Bookings has been a godsend for my business, not only is the rate competitive. It works well with my word press site, integrates with my zoho invoices and google calendar, takes payments and offers me the full functionality of text message reminders too. Best of all, the after sale service has been impeccable, with prompt responses to issues and consultations as I have required."

George Director, MEGAWOG and Echelon Mowing, Brisbane, Australia.
George More customers          

"I used the Bookings subscription to take my language school online. It works great and my students (or their parents) love the flexibility it provides. I am also super impressed with the system. It has got me thinking about how I run my business in the future. Mostly though, I would just like to say thank you to the Zoho team. You've basically kept me in business."

Paul Evans Owner Englishpool, Tokyo, Japan.
Paul Evans More customers          

"The product/service we sell typically requires a conversation with our new contacts. Adding this app to our website has saved a lot of time previously spent returning calls and emails to schedule these consultations. Now they simply show up on our calendar without lifting a finger. The Bookings App has played an important part in streamlining the sales process for our company."

Peter Moon President & Principal Engineer, O2 Compost, Washington, USA.
Peter Moon More customers          

How does Zoho Bookings compare against the competition?

Zoho Bookings vs Calendly

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  •   per user per month 3 workspaces included

    $8 per user per month

    $12 per user per month

Comparing Zoho Bookings to Calendly shows that if you want to manage work from different locations, or schedule recurring group appointments, Zoho Bookings is a better choice than Calendly.

Zoho Bookings offers more ways to brand your booking page and emails, and custom fields to qualify and prepare for your appointment registration form.

You can also view your key performance metrics on your calendar dashboard. Identify growth opportunities from revenue and appointment reports.

Zoho Bookings vs Acuity Scheduling

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  •   per user per month

    $14 1 staff

    $23 6 staff

Zoho Bookings is simpler and easier to use, while offering a similar feature set to Acuity Scheduling.

Our pricing plans grow with your business by providing feature add-ons.

It's not just about you. Bookings also delivers a better appointment scheduling experience for your clients, with customizable booking pages and emails.

Manage your appointments effectively and reduce scheduling work with Zoho Bookings

Our focus is on building the features that make the biggest impact in your day-to-day work. Here are the five out-of-the-box features that make appointment scheduling easier for you and your team:


Calendar dashboard

Use the dashboard tiles and labels to see all your calendars and appointments in a single place. Manage scheduling with a few clicks, only on Zoho Bookings.


Custom domain

A booking link with only your business name on your website, email, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and even an SMS. Set up customized booking page URL and links with Zoho Bookings.


Customer portal

Whether you have meetings with new or regular clients, sign them up with a customer portal. Get bookmarked in their browser with the customer portal, available only on Bookings.


Customizable booking page

Make booking pages for yourself, your team, a particular consultation or an entire workspace in less than 15 minutes, with no coding and ready-made layouts using Zoho Bookings.


Mobile apps

Whether you want to check the appointment schedule, see if you have got a busy day or block off time on a short notice, use Bookings Android & iOS apps to get it done anywhere.

Manage your appointments effectively and reduce scheduling work with Zoho Bookings

Integrate with your favorite apps

Zoho Bookings integrates with popular apps. Sync your appointments, calls, and meetings, and be sure you're never double booked.

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  •   Google
  •   Microsoft Teams
  •   Zapier
  •   Authorize.Net
  •   Razorpay
  •   Salesforce

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