Zoho Writer has another update

We had a Zoho Writer update a couple of hours earlier. The update’s salient features below.

Tables now have headers. The first row of a table will have the header row by default. The columns of a table are now fixed. (before they used to vary as you type words into the cells). And the right click contextual menu for a table now contains a ‘Remove the Table Element’ option.

With the introduction of collaborative editing, a document that has been shared used to open in the ‘Preview’ mode. This has been changed for ease of use & all documents whether shared or not will open in the ‘Edit’ mode now. And do check the ‘Lock’ symbol on the top-left when sharing documents. A locked document (with a closed lock symbol) can’t be edited by others. Make sure a document is unlocked if you want the shared participants to work on it.

When you export Zoho Writer documents (‘Save As’ doc/odt/pdf etc formats to your desktop), the latest version in ‘History’ got exported previously. The last ‘auto saved’ version of the document will get exported from now on.

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