Introducing exceptional document collaboration experiences

Writer gets engagement insights, restricted comments, and more to scale up document collaboration.

Writer 6-Collaboration updates

We share significantly more documents today than ever before. We collaborate across teams, keep track of tasks, review content, negotiate, and do so much more right within our documents.

However, as we grow, and as more people participate, we’d need better systems to understand contributions, ensure voices aren’t lost in the noise, and avoid making the otherwise productive collaboration experience a mess.

Today, we’re bringing some first-in-class, incredibly handy collaboration tools to Writer to solve just that. Take a look:

Engagement Insights

This will be your new go-to place to learn how your collaborators engage with the document, where they stand as a part of the project, what sections of your document have maximum engagement, and more.

Engagement Insights primarily offer an in-depth intelligence of how collaborators are interacting with your content. There’s a new chart to let you know which page most of your collaborators are spending time on.

When working with legal documents like contracts, this gives you an idea what sections your clients tend to consider most crucial.

Document Page Insights in Zoho Writer


We’ve also added comprehensive statuses and analytics for individual collaborators—giving authors great knowledge of their progress, and time they spent working on the document. When working with group projects like school assignments, this makes it easier to identify and appreciate stand-out individual contributions.

Engagment stats per person in Zoho Writer


Visibility controls for comments

Have parallel conversations across teams within the same document. Add comments for your internal and external teams separately. Writer now lets you restrict comments to specific people, user roles, and groups.

Restrictive comments in Zoho Writer

With all the granular permissions, this enables teams to have discussions on sensitive topics, individuals to add notes to self, give department-level feedback directly to specific teams and more.


Formatting options for your comments

As the title suggests, you can now add basic formatting to text in comments, and also hyperlink any part of your comment.

Format comments in Zoho Writer


This makes it so much easier to get your collaborators’ attention, make your point stronger, and just make everything look more neat and tidy.

That’s all from this installment of our Writer 6 new feature series! Let us know what you think about this update in the comment section below, or by posting in the Writer Community.


Happy writing!

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