Tip : Post to your blog from Zoho Writer

Since many new Zoho Writer users continue to have questions regarding how one can post to blog from Zoho Writer, here’s a step-by-step procedure of doing it.

First, to post to blogs hosted by blogger.com, WordPress.com etc.

  1. Click on the ‘Publish’ link on the Zoho Writer toolbar and choose the ‘Post to Blog’ option in the drop-down
  2. In the ‘Blog Settings’ dialog box that opens, choose your blog platform – Blogger, WordPress, TypePad or LiveJournal
  3. Give your user name and password of your blog account and hit the ‘Get my blogs’ button. If you want, you can tick the ‘Remember my blog settings’ checkbox. This will allow you to directly fetch your blogs everytime you use the ‘Post to Blog’ option
  4. Your blog will get fetched. Say you have multiple blogs at blogger or WordPress associated with your user name and password, choose the blog where you would like to post
  5. You can specify which ‘Category’ you would like the post to be posted in (in case you have categories). Also, if you have added tags to your Zoho Writer document and if you like these tags to be made as Technorati tags in your blog post, just check the ‘With tags’ checkbox
  6. Hit the ‘Publish’ button and your blog post will get published

The above steps as a slide show in Zoho Show :

(Note : Make sure you have set the correct time zone under Options -> Time Zone in your Zoho Writer account)

Now consider a blog like of this site’s. This is a WordPress.org blog hosted in our own servers. Here’s how to do it in this case :

  1. Click on the ‘Publish’ link & choose the ‘Post to Blog’ option in the drop-down.
  2. In ‘Blog Settings’ dialog box that opens, click the ‘Add Blog’ link
  3. Give some name (Zoho Blog, for example) for the ‘Custom Blog Name’ field
  4. For the ‘URL’, give http://your_blog_domain_name.com.xmlrpc.php
  5. For the ‘API’, choose metaWeblog
  6. Click ‘Save’ & you are done with adding your WordPress.org blog.
  7. Now, in the ‘Blog Settings’, your blog would have got added & so choose ‘Zoho Blog’.
  8. Give Username/password credentials & click ‘Publish’.

Again, a Zoho Show slide show showing the above steps.

If you haven’t tried posting to your blog from Zoho Writer yet, do give it a try.


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