Template Library in Zoho Writer and more

Though Zoho Writer had templates support, till now, you would have to build the templates yourselves. Not anymore. Zoho Writer now has a full-blown template library. And as a Zoho Writer user, you can make the best use of it by picking up readymade templates there which you can use for drafting your documents. And Zoho Writer allows you to upload templates that you the expert have built too. Try the new templates feature by clicking on the ‘Template Library’ link at the top of your Zoho Writer page.


Zoho Writer now has the ‘Save As’ functionality. You can either save a document as a ‘New Document’ (much useful when you need to make multiple copies of the same document) or as a ‘Template’.

Another useful feature that got added in today’s update is with regards to History/Versioning. As you may know, Zoho Writer supports both collaboration and versioning of documents. Now you get to know who saved each version of the document too.

Check out the latest Zoho Writer and we would be glad hearing your feedback.

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