Introducing new layout controls for tables and images in Writer

We’ve added new layout control tools to make it even easier to use tables and images in Writer.

Whether you’re creating a project report, academic paper, or business proposal, you’re likely to include tables and images to illustrate or help explain your ideas. However, the way these elements are presented could also mean the difference between leaving your readers nodding in understanding or shaking their heads in confusion.

With the new updates from Writer, you now have even better control over how your images and tables are presented in your documents.

Let’s take a closer look:

Use your first table row as the header

Imagine you’re drafting a table containing the marks of your students over the months of January, February, and March. If you have a long list of students, the table would span over several pages and you would need to manually input “January,” “February,” and “March” as the row heading for each page of the table.

When dealing with large tables that span across many pages, Writer now lets you automatically turn your first table row as the header for each page of the table.

Say goodbye to row breaks in your table

Imagine you’re presenting a sales report, and have to fumble for the next page because your document broke the data in your table row into two pages. With this new update, Writer makes sure that information in table rows always stay together in one page.

Crop images to fit your space

Finding it difficult to fit an image without losing part of it or taking up too much space? Forget struggling with text margins or switching to another app to edit—Writer’s new Crop Image to Fit option adjusts the image’s size to fit the available space while retaining the original proportions of the image, ensuring the important parts of the original image are visible after cropping.

Similarly, use the Crop Image to Fill option to adjust your images and graphics to fully fill the given space, making sure you’re not left with any blocks of white space.

As always, let us know how you like these updates in the comments below, or by posting in the Writer Community.

Happy writing!

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9 Replies to Introducing new layout controls for tables and images in Writer

  1. I appreciate the updates.They will be very useful. 1. In the row breaks images, row numbers are not there (in the first page before break).The second image (after the page break)displays row numbers 6, 7,and 8. 2. While cropping, do I have an option to crop a particular portion of the image?

    1. Hi Sriraghavan! We're glad you like these updates. The row numbers will be highlighted only when you select that particular table. As for the second question, it is possible to crop a certain portion of an image. All you have to do is select the Crop option from the left side of the image and drag and drop the cursor to crop any portion of the image. Hope this helps :)

  2. This is great thanks - but what I really need is to be able to force where the table breaks across a page break... Cant see that is supported?

  3. Nice updates! How about providing the ability to sort tables by multiple columns as well as the ability to include default sorting for tables in CRM mail-merge templates?

    1. Hi Marshall. Thank you! We're so glad you liked these updates :) As for the feature you requested, we're happy to let you know that our team is already working on it and it will be made available in one of our future updates.

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