How to create employee record templates for your company using Writer

Gathering new employees’ information and keeping it organized doesn’t have to be tedious—with Writer, you can easily create employee record templates to help simplify the on-boarding process.

Let’s look at an example: Susan, a senior HR representative, is supposed to prepare employee records for all new hires and send them out for signature collection next week, but she’s actually going to be out on leave that time, so she wants to quickly prepare and configure a template her colleagues can use on her behalf.

Let’s see how quickly she can do this using Writer and how easy she can make it for her colleagues to use it for the future.

1. All of the newly hire details are stored in Zoho Sheet, so Susan first opens the company’s employee profile template in Writer.

2. Then she goes to the Automate tab > Merge Template > Prepare > and selects Zoho Sheet under Data Source. Then, she picks the sheet containing all the new employees’ details.


3. All the merge fields will now appear under Manage fields. She simply adds the fields to where she wants them in the template.


4. Since the field Date of Joining the company seems a little too long, Susan shortens the name to DOJ. She clicks on the field and and finds the Set Short Name option. She sets the short name to DOJ and clicks Modify. This will change the field name in the template without affecting the data source.


5. As for the employee picture field, Susan wants to use an appropriate placeholder image to give her colleagues better clarity. By clicking on the Image field> the Image tab on the right > Placeholder image, and finally on Change Image, she can change the the placeholder image to a user profile placeholder image.


6. Now, it’s time to configure the document for signature collection. Under Output settings, click on Send for sign collection. Susan enters all the details, like the signer’s email address, expiration and reminders, and more.


7. Now that Susan is done configuring the merge template for her colleagues to later use, she has to add her signature to the template as well, since she is one of the authorizers. She goes to Insert > Signature and uploads her signature.


8. Now all she has to do is save all the configurations she made. Under the Automate tab, she clicks on the Save option. This will enable her colleagues to later view the configured document, check everything before merging, edit anything if required, and quickly send for signing to the newly hired employees.

9. Susan has saved the configuration but how should she save the document in a way that all her colleagues have access to it? She goes to File > Save as template > as org. template. This will enable all employees within her organization to access the template at any time.

Susan can now peacefully go on vacation while her colleagues easily take care of the rest.

Stay tuned for more on the different ways you can use Writer to get your everyday work done in minutes!

Happy writing!

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