It’s National ESIGN Day, and We Have Some Amazing News for You!

Seventeen years ago today, the US Congress passed the Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act (ESIGN), ensuring the legal validity of contracts entered into using electronic signatures and records. This turned out to be a milestone in the history of contract management, opening the door to a whole new way of signing contracts and closing deals.

You could finally stop spending your time waiting for your turn at the copy machine, or manually sending paperwork to different people. You could even sign documents on the go.

Today we’re extremely happy to introduce our new integration with a company that’s been providing a flawless end-to-end electronic signature experience on all of your devices.


Introducing SignEasy for Writer



Create documents in Writer and send them out to employees, customers, or partners for signature with SignEasy. All you have to do is to log in to your SignEasy account—no add-ons or browser extensions required.

Sign off on documents in the office or send them to clients who are miles away. SignEasy comes packed with options for a wide range of needs.

Adding this integration to Writer’s collaborative capabilities makes it easy to add people to contract drafts. When you need to discuss different legal clauses, for instance, or to track changes made by your consultants—now you can talk it all over before sending that important document out for signature.


Our e-sign partners


SignEasy joins Adobe Sign and DocuSign as our e-signature partners. Exciting times, indeed! Let us know what you think. Comment here, or write to us at


Happy Writing!


New to Writer? Writer is a powerful collaboration platform, built on a clean and crisp writing space. Add people to your document. Talk it over using comments and live chat. Track changes they make. All real-time, all free!

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