Optimize your paperwork digitally—introducing the all-new automation hub in Writer.

Writer gets new document generation capabilities in the form of a Zoho CRM and Creator integration, Conditional Merging, fillable documents and more.  Give your paperwork the digital transformation it deserves.

Technology is at its best when it solves problems. And the problem with traditional paperwork systems has always been the amount of mundane, manual entries involved with them. You or your colleagues have to duplicate and edit parts of your master documents each time there’s a new client (or internal) request.

With the new automation hub in Writer, we’re giving you tools to improve your document creation processes, eliminating all the repetitive work in between. Here’s everything that’s new.


1. Creating templates

Certain functions in our organizations—like Payroll or Human Resources—work every day with a combination of dynamic and fixed content to generate personalized letters, emails or contracts in bulk.

Preparing master documents help you repurpose them along the life cycle of your processes. Writer now lets you insert merge fields (to pull data from a data source), signer fields (to help your signers place their signatures using Zoho Sign) and fillable-fields (to help you use the document as a form).

An NDA template created using Writer with fillable and signer fields.

2. Merging documents using an existing data-sources

Data sources are systems where you have your business information processed and stored—like a spreadsheet, CRM, Form or even a CSV file. Asa part of Zoho’s integrated suite of business applications, Writer makes it possible for you to bring your existing customer data from Zoho CRM, form data from Zoho Creator and Zoho Forms, or everything else you’ve saved as spreadsheets in Zoho Sheet.

For example, if you’re trying to bring client information from Zoho CRM to fill  your existing NDA template, all you have to do is:

1. Choose Zoho CRM as your data source

2. Select the CRM module you want (like Leads, Contacts etc.)

3. Place the CRM fields across your NDA template document.

On merging this document, Writer will automatically fill up the merge fields with your CRM data—generating customized documents in bulk (and reducing your manual work ?).

The different data sources in Writer
The different data sources in Writer

3. Merging documents on form submissions

As part of our efforts towards making document generation easier, we’re adding a new capability in Writer where your clients and coworkers can quickly get personalized copies of template documents by filling in a form.

All you have to do is create a form (or link an existing one), insert form fields to the document and pass it on. A new, personalized document can be generated every time a respondent submits a form. 

4. Conditional merging

Dynamically hide or show certain sections of your document. Writer now lets you define conditions before merging documents. It can intelligently combine different value sets based on these conditions, and generate unique documents for each recipient on your list.

5. Native digital signature capabilities

Thanks to our integration with Zoho Sign, Writer now lets you go from document creation to merging to signature collection in one tool—without any manually uploading them elsewhere or creating multiple copies.

The Wet Ink option let you scan, store and generate copies of your physical signature and add them to documents whenever you want. You can also insert signer fields to mark places where you want others to sign.

To go insert your own signatures in documents, go to Insert>My Signature
To go insert your own signatures in documents, go to Insert>My Signature


The different workflow options let you choose in what order you want your signers to access the document, and what happens after the process is completed.


That’s all for now. Let us know how these updates help in optimizing your paperwork by commenting here, or sending us a mail to support@zohowriter.com.

Happy writing!

This announcement is part of the #FutureOffice series that talks about the latest updates to the Zoho Office Suite. Read the complete announcement here.


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