Unveiling Trident for Zoho Workplace

Our workplace has transformed in its physical and operational means, and we are navigating challenges beyond our control by embracing tools and methods to execute work seamlessly. But how far have our tools evolved and transformed to keep pace with the new workplace challenges to enhance our productivity and the work experience—as a whole?

Trident is so named because it brings various applications and functions that cater to the three pillars of a workspace: communication, productivity, and business, unified and forged as one powerful workplace tool. It offers a highly intuitive and delightful native user experience packed with extensive and extensible features.

Here's why Trident is undoubtedly the ideal workplace platform for your workforce.

Unified communication platform

Trident packs email, chat, calls, and team meetings into a single application so you can communicate instantly with your colleagues and customers. The communication platform is duly crafted and optimized to cater to the needs of the modern-day hybrid and remote workforce.

Mail: Access and act on your emails from one or more Zoho Mail accounts even when offline.

Chat and Calls: Converse with your colleagues and customers through audio or video calls and share your desktop screen to convey your thoughts effectively.

Meeting: Engage in group discussions with your team or connect with your customers remotely.

Powerful productivity platform  

With built-in modules like Calendar, Tasks, Notes, and Contacts, Trident enables you to get work done easily and efficiently.

Calendar: Track, plan, and manage your schedules and team events with a unified Calendar.

Tasks: Create and manage personal tasks and subtasks, work with teammates on mutual tasks, and never miss a deadline.

Notes: Keep your thoughts in order and easily organize, search, and share important information with your team.

Contacts: Organize all of your organizational and personal contacts in one place to connect with them instantly.

Integrated business platform  

Trident integrates with various Zoho (CRM, Desk, Projects, etc.) and third-party applications (HubSpot, Asana, etc.) contextually, through several smart functions, as explained below—making it a compelling and holistic platform for executing business workflows.


Multi-task between various Zoho and third-party applications with ease and stay focused at work without having to switch between apps.

Smart Mail:

Act on emails that are contextually integrated with real-time data from various Zoho applications to avoid switching between apps and tabs.

Smart Assistant: 

Use simple commands to instantly transform your thoughts into actions across all integrated Zoho applications.

Free Flow:

Move data like files, text, contacts, location, and URLs between various apps in Trident using a simple and intuitive drag-and-drop mechanism.

Nifty native platform  

Built from the ground up as a native desktop application for Mac and Windows OS, Trident makes the best use of the native capabilities of the OS platform to deliver a user experience that is striking, swift, and secure.

Safe and secure platform

Trident extends the security and privacy functions of integrated Zoho applications even further by providing an additional layer of safety through Encryption and App Lock features—making it highly safe and secure.

Ready for a new work experience?  

Loaded with features that are both extensive and extensible, Trident provides a work experience platform that is unified and unique to tackle the challenges thrown at the modern workforce, such as maintaining work-life balance, with ease. It is the ideal workplace companion to fulfill all of your productivity, communication, and business needs.

Trident (Beta) is available for preview on both Mac and Windows platforms. Download it from here and give it a spin!

This announcement is part of the #FutureOfCollaboration series that talks about the latest updates to the Zoho Workplace. Read the complete announcement here.


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