The new Workplace dashboard for a better way to work

Picture this. We're going back a few years; you enter your workplace, a coffee mug in your hand, and march straight to your desk, mentally preparing yourself for the day ahead. Your desk greets you with an overall view of what your day is going to be like. The calendar has scribblings of meetings planned, or reminders of important tasks and to-do lists. The phone screen shows the calls you have to return, there are sticky notes that tell you what not to forget, and a pile of files you have to read and review. Turning your head and scanning the place gives you an idea of who's available and who’s not, and who's in the cafeteria struggling with the coffee machine again! Taking this view in, you log into your computer and get going—very likely already overwhelmed by all the things you need to accomplish.

Fast-forward to today, when most of us don't even work in physical desk spaces anymore. Our online interactions and apps have mimicked and even taken the place of most of these desk assets.

This evolution is what inspired us to offer Zoho Workplace not just as a bundle of apps, but rather a virtual workspace where you can manage everything from things to do, people to meet with, emails to respond to, documents to refine, and more. Workplace is the hub where you mark your availability, share your files, plan those catch-ups, and whiteboard those ideas.

With this virtual way of work becoming second nature, we thought it only makes sense to make interactions within Zoho Workplace as natural and as close to real life as possible. And that's how these interesting features below were born.

Two's better than one 

During our workday, we often transition from one activity to another, or even do two activities at once, quite naturally. For example, you take down notes when you're on a call, or draft an email while you’re checking how busy your Calendar is. Even on our desktops, it's quite usual for us to keep two windows open at the same time while we work between them.

To aid this natural behavior within Zoho Workplace, the dashboard now supports what we call the split view. With this feature, you can split your Workplace tab into two however you like. You can keep your email on the left and move all of your other apps to the right. Or, you can keep office apps on one side, and move the rest to the right. This way you can refer to a work item when working on another, or even pass data from one to the other easily.

Share easily with drag and drop 

When we work, our thoughts flow, our conversations flow, and so it's important that our data flows too! That got us thinking—with Workplace bringing your communication and work files to one place, what more can it do to make information transfer feel effortless?

We’re happy to introduce universal drag and drop, a feature that lets you drag work items from one app in Workplace, and drop them into another for quick and easy sharing. Take an email attachment and build a Cliq conversation around it, or take a WorkDrive file and send it across as an attachment, with just a single drag-and-drop action.

These interesting features are in the final stages of brewing and are all set to hit your virtual workplaces very soon. So, stay tuned! Until then, tell us what you think of these new additions in the comments below, or share how Zoho Workplace has made your everyday work easier.

P.S: This announcement is part of the #FutureOfCollaboration series that talks about the latest updates to the Zoho Workplace. Read the complete announcement here.


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