Zoho Workerly: the spring leader and emerging favorite of 2022

G2 and capterra reviewWe are thrilled to share that Zoho Workerly has been recognized by two trusted software review platforms. The first award comes from peer-to-peer review site G2, who rated Workerly as Spring Leader 2022. G2 assigns awards to well-performing software products by collecting user reviews from their site and other online sources. Workerly has also been named Emerging Favorite 2022 by Capterra, a data intelligence platform for software product reviews.

The gig economy is continuing to grow, and according to Upwork, an estimated 86.5 million people will comprise the contingent workforce by 2027. Zoho Workerly can help you capitalize on this trend.

Zoho Workerly is an end-to-end temp staffing solution that allows staffing companies to track the temp worker lifecycle. The platform enables users to manage both temps and clients from one place, as well as assign jobs to temps, create timesheets, and generate invoices for timely payment.

Here are the top Workerly features that promote a streamlined workforce:

 Assigning jobs to temps 

Our dashboard shows you all the temp and client details you need. You can easily assign jobs to your workers based on their specialized skills, the projects that they have worked on, and their availability. As soon as you assign the job, temps can either accept or reject it. This way, you can ensure that you have their consent before sending their information off to clients.

Create timesheets 

Our electronic timesheet feature allows you to automate time tracking so you can save time, reduce errors, and thwart fraudulent data logging. This allows you to track temp working hours and break times, as well as ensure timely payment. You can easily share these timesheets with your clients for approval so everyone is on the same page.

Learn more about electronic timesheets

Generate invoices 

Zoho Workerly helps you export the approved timesheets directly to payroll and generate invoices as soon as the job is completed. This ensures complete accuracy, timeliness, and transparency between you, your clients, and your workers.

Check out all Zoho Workerly features  

Increase workforce efficiency with Workerly 

Apart from helping you manage your contingent workers, Workerly also improves your process efficiency with real-time insights on jobs and performance. This allows you to continually improve your strategy.

Workerly also offers an efficient communication system that allows you to send bulk automated emails and SMS updates. The integration between Zoho Recruit and Workerly even allows you to hire workers and convert candidates to temps, all from one platform. 

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