The right tool for tackling the gig economy.

Attracting and engaging top talent is and always will be a top priority for organizations. The bad news is that this is getting tougher in the current labor market, but the good news is that HR management models are being rewritten to suit how the conventional employee-employer relationship is evolving. There is one labor trend that is spearheading this movement: the rise of the gig economy.

The gig economy refers to the growing temp workforce that associates with organizations on a project-by-project basis. Hiring these temporary employees is usually done to achieve specific results. The worker's term with the organization might last from days to years, depending on the nature of their job. This is more challenging for HR teams around the globe because they must manage more employees, all with varying contract terms.

Stepping up the game 

Hiring a temp worker is no longer just about bringing down costs or finishing a project quickly. To maintain the organizational pace and to recruit the best talent, HR managers have no choice but to ride the wave of the gig economy or risk losing out on professionals with niche skills and expertise. This means updating traditional job roles and recruitment processes to suit specific and fluctuating needs. 

Temporary and contingent workers are not only for small-sized businesses. Several international enterprises have already been taking advantage of the rising supply of temp work. Uber, a company with a global market value of $72 million, has temp workers as an essential part of its business. Other leading brands like Samsung, Amazon, Unilever, and P&G have also been increasingly turning to temporary and gig workers.

What's ahead?

The accelerated expansion of the gig economy in the past few years will completely alter the employee-employer connection in the business world. It is necessary for employers, leaders, and HR personnel to actively focus on attracting, managing, and retaining the best talent.

While the gig economy is supported mostly by the technology industry and HR leaders who want efficient and flexible employees, hiring managers find it incredibly hard to streamline the staffing process. There are many products and services in the market claiming to help, but how can an organization find the software that will best suit their needs?

Striking gold

Managing a workforce is not just about hiring, tracking, and managing people in an organization. HR departments and employers should create a balanced, flexible, and performance-driven model for contingent workers. Depending on the nature of their work, a simple and powerful communication channel should be used to stay connected with workers. Moreover, fostering a mutually respectful relationship and reaffirming the value they bring to the team is essential.

Zoho Workerly is a temp workforce management software that helps staffing agencies with tasks like scheduling jobs and maintaining timesheets and billing for their temp employees. Zoho Workerly has been developed with just one thing in mind: empowering your workforce. So, there are tons of features built in to do just that. There's a comprehensive Temp Portal where workers can mark themselves available or unavailable for the next project, including accepting or rejecting the assignment offered to them. Workers can also clock in and clock out of their current jobs from either the portal or their Zoho Workerly mobile app.


These features are just the tip of the iceberg.

Staffing software is no longer just for agents, and the gig economy isn't going anywhere. Soon, hiring temp workers, recognizing their rights, and creating specific roles for them in business-critical objectives will become a reality for every business. Whether or not the gig economy will topple the way we work, being prepared with the right tools will help you and your firm be ready for whatever comes next. 

Zoho Workerly - A permanent solution for temporary staffing.


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