Level up your temp staffing game with Zoho Workerly

Technology has become key for the entire hiring industry, and it's no different for temp staffing. From managing clients to providing them with the best temps right when they need them, a good software solution can ensure your process remains efficient, fast, and reliable.

Especially with the ongoing pandemic and so many organizations switching to remote work, staffing and recruitment strategies have gone digital. And this trend isn't showing signs of slowing down, even as vaccines make their way across the world. Agencies are realizing just how much more convenient it is to use technology and, in some cases, even source temps remotely instead of relying on manual or legacy systems run in an office environment.

If you haven't used a temporary staffing solution before and you're wondering why would you need one, here's an example. Let's say you're a temp staffing agent, and these are some of the responsibilities you have when sourcing a temp:

  • Searching your databases for the best-matching temp for your clients
  • Adding or removing temps from their scheduled shifts
  • Notifying temps and clients of any updates
  • Preparing invoices and facilitating temp payments

These tasks might sound simple when you only have a few clients and temps to manage. But imagine when you have around 100 unique clients and a database of 200 temps! Not to mention that at any given time, your clients may have an immediate need to fill dozens of shifts. As your workload scales, it becomes more tedious to get everything done manually and while staying efficient.

With a temp staffing solution, you can handle these tasks easily, even as your agency grows. This saves you time and reduces the chance of any errors in the process. Your temps and clients will also enjoy the standardization that the system will provide. Clients can trust that they'll receive the temps they need on time, and temps will feel empowered to manage their availability right from their phones. This means less repetitive work for you so you can focus on maintaining excellent client and temp relationships.

It's time to level up your temp staffing game!


For an enhanced temp staffing experience, Zoho Workerly has enabled temp scheduling from the Temps module.

You can now schedule temps and view scheduled or matching temps based on filters, all from one place. No extra clicks and no need to navigate to the Jobs module or job details page. We've made it even simpler to save you as much time as possible.

Give it a try yourself!


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