Embrace the change. Temporary staffing is here to stay.

Did you know that there are over 20+ jobs open for a "chocolate consultant"? Any random search on a bunch of job boards, and you're sure to find more unique jobs like a private island caretaker, a professional sleeper and also a LEGO sculptor. What's surprising is that these are actual, specific job requisitions listed by companies looking to hire these specialists. A recent study by Upwork had over 61% of recruiters predict that the majority of jobs done today will not exist in ten years. Well, the tide is definitely turning in the recruitment industry.

When recruitment is transforming into a multi-dimensional entity, having one hiring strategy to address diverse hiring needs won't make the cut. Solutions have to be tailor-made to suit unique recruitment workflows, specific-industries and most importantly, help recruiters be on pace with changing trends in the industry. The same Upwork study also mentioned that HR managers are anticipating a 179% increase in the amount of work done by flexible talent within the next ten years.

While recruiting fulltime employees, efficiently, could be nothing less than a nightmare for recruiting teams -- following the same with contract workers could be completely overwhelming. One needs to set up different pay structures, calculate work hours, follow industry compliant laws, achieve targets, meet deadlines and send out timely invoices. Not just that, at any given time, there's immense pressure to close in on the best candidates. But, that's not new for recruiters. Making the best use of a good opportunity is a part of the profession. So, recruiters should give into this temp wave.

Temp workforce is rising

Companies across the globe are revamping their hiring efforts, with more than half of the companies surveyed, reporting that they are relying on temp workers more than they have in the past.

Diversify your business with existing clients

Offer your existing set of clients this new perspective of temp staffing -- Since you've already established trust with your full-time recruitment services, they would be willing to consider your proposal. This promises a new revenue stream but with your existing resources.

Be a complete repository for your candidates

You know the market, you know your candidates and you know how to offer solutions to them. Be it a full-time job opening, a freelancing assignment or a contingent position, ensure you provide your candidates with options and information they are looking for. Since many candidates are now more inclined towards temp jobs, they would definitely need help in understanding how to put their skills into better use.

Stay ahead of the curve

In the dynamic recruitment industry, making the right decisions at the right time ensures that you stay ahead of not just your competitors, but also exceed your own goals. Constant revisiting of strategies will ensure that your hiring practices are as up to date as you want your candidates to be.

Rely on effective technological solutions

Recruiters must adopt a solution, that is simple yet effective, detailed but not too vague, and reduced manual work. It also has to bring all the three stakeholders -- clients, temps, and agents onto one platform.

That's what we did with Zoho Workerly, specifically designed it for temporary staffing agencies. We've been very encouraged by the eclectic mix of industries and companies who have switched to our applicant tracking system to recruit for their companies and clients.

So check us out! If your business is built around sourcing, placing, and managing a temp workforce, Workerly's intuitive interface and powerful automation engine will empower you and your team to make an even bigger impact in the businesses you serve.


We're sure you would love what we have done. Please do share your thoughts in the comments below. For any queries, do reach out to us at support@zohoworkerly.com 


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