Handle your voicemails like text using voicemail transcription

Imagine your agents busily talking to your customers, with a long list of calls lined up for the day. While they're clearing each call off their list, there's another stack of contacts they'll have to make calls to—the callers who left voicemails. Agents who devote all of their attention to calls may find it difficult to steer their attention towards voicemails left by your customers.

This is why Zoho Voice is introducing Voicemail Transcription—to help you instantly transcribe your voicemails into text and reduce continuous audible media into easily absorbable chunks of static textual data.

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Improve the user experience for your agents

By instantly converting and presenting voicemail content visually, your agents can easily absorb critical information at a glance—even while they're engaged on live calls. The downloadable text file can also easily be shared with other agents through email, if needed.

Browse transcripts anywhere, anytime, in any order

Help your agents effortlessly skim or scan through their visual voicemails, even when they're engaged in live meetings or held up in places that demand silence. Zoho Voice's voicemail transcription enables agents to go through their voicemails in any order of priority, with textual previews available. This helps them quickly respond to customers needing prompt support.

Empower your agents to become more productive

Save your agents from listening to long voicemails—let them easily skip to the key points, so they don't waste time on irrelevant content that erodes their focus and productivity. Once the voicemails are transcribed, your agents don't have to keep replaying the audio files again and again to revisit the messages for future reference.

How to enable voicemail transcription inside Zoho Voice

On the Call Config page, edit the number configuration and turn on voice transcription. When voicemail transcription is enabled, your agents automatically receive the voicemail audio and text via their respective email addresses or the specific queue email they have associations with—or they can access it directly from the Logs page.

An automated email like the one shown below has the voicemail in text (.txt) and audio (.wav) formats as attachments.

Ensure email notifications are enabled for "Missed calls with voicemails". Failing to enable email notifications may keep your agents, especially the telephony agents under the Enterprise Telephony edition’s Standard plan, who are bound within the ZDialer dial pad widget, to be unaware of the voicemails left by your customers.

Transcribe voicemails on demand

Voicemails can be transcribed manually from the Logs page by clicking the Transcribe Voicemail button next to a voicemail. When transcribed from the logs page, Zoho Voice displays a preview of the message for quick review, and lets the agent download the transcript in text format.

Visual Voicemails with Zoho Voice

Once transcribed, your agents can keep accessing the transcribed voicemails directly from the Logs page in the Zoho Voice web panel. However, the transcribed voicemails are not available in the Logs tab in the bottom fold of the ZDialer dial pad widget.

Retain transcripts as long as you want

Although voicemails and call recordings are subject to auto-deletion based on the maximum limits set on their retention period, voicemail transcriptions are retained forever, unless they're subject to manual deletion. Only the Superadmin or an Admin will be able to manually delete transcripts.

Who can transcribe voicemails?

All Zoho Voice users, except Telephony agents under the Enterprise Telephony edition’s Standard plan, can transcribe voicemails. In Zoho Voice, a voicemail can be transcribed up to a maximum of five times. For each transcription process, Zoho Voice charges $0.05/min. For now, voicemail transcriptions are available only in the Zoho Voice web app.

Multi-language support

Zoho Voice provides voicemail transcription services in five languages: US English, UK English, French, Japanese, Portuguese, and Spanish. All you're required to do is select the language of the voicemail audio. Then the transcripts will instantly be made available in the chosen language.

By enabling voicemail transcriptions inside Zoho Voice, you empower your agents to go beyond simple audio content and help them instantly absorb information from voicemails while handling back-to-back calls.

Sign up now and let us optimize your agents' experience and performance with our assortment of cloud telephony tools—and help them deliver impactful customer experience!


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