5 reasons to try Zoho Vault's new interface

Remote work has become our new normal, with organizations around the world adapting to the work-from-home structure. While there have been notable benefits, the inability to implement extensive cybersecurity measures continues to be a worrying concern for many businesses. With people accessing sensitive accounts from remote locations, the demand for data security and privacy solutions is at an all-time high. Many organizations have adopted password managers for the first time to safeguard their business passwords and other critical data. To help such businesses meet their security needs during remote work, we recently upgraded Zoho Vault to satisfy our world’s current requirements.

Vault’s new interface (in beta) with a refreshing new design is packed with features that help businesses improve user productivity, streamline user access, and make password management effortless for teams. These new features are exclusive to the new interface and aren’t widely available with other password management solutions in the market.

1) Detailed security dashboard

Zoho Vault - Dashboard

With over 80% of data breaches being caused by stolen or brute-forced credentials, it’s important to consistently monitor your business password security. Vault’s new interface includes a security dashboard offering extensive details on your passwords’ safety. You can view the strength of your personal and business passwords, identify reused passwords, and analyze various actions performed in your organization in real time.

2) Clutter-free folders

Zoho Vault - Folders

We’ve made multiple enhancements to password management in folders in the new interface. Efficiently organize your passwords in different folders and subfolders. You can also select different passwords you own and drag them into a folder of your choice to create a copy of your passwords in the folder. You can also easily filter and manage passwords within a folder using custom filter options. Finally, you can now allow users to create subfolders whenever you share a folder with them using the Modify or Manage privileges.

3) Integrate with popular SIEM solutions

Zoho Vault - SIEM Integration

Zoho Vault integrates with popular Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) tools like Sematext and Loggly to help admins manage all their Zoho Vault audit logs from one place. SIEM tools gather sensitive security logs from various services and provide a holistic view of imminent internal and external threats, keeping you well informed of all activities performed in your organization.

4) Move passwords to trash

Zoho Vault - Trash

We have introduced an exclusive option to help you soft-delete passwords. You can now move passwords you deem unnecessary to the Trash bin instead of deleting them permanently. This prevents accidental deletion of passwords from your vault, and also allows you to restore them back to your account and to the respective folders with their sharing privileges intact.

5) Easy access to support

Zoho Vault - Contact Support

Access to technical assistance is crucial when managing your sensitive data in a password management solution, and this is exactly what Vault’s new interface offers users. You can now instantly raise support requests from within your Vault account and also easily access links to help documents corresponding to your active tab.

What’s cooking?

Along with the redesigned web interface, we’ll soon be releasing revamped versions of our browser extensions. These new extensions will load faster and include a detailed view to help you perform all critical password management tasks from the extension. In addition to Chrome, Safari, and Firefox, the new extensions will be supported on popular browsers such as Microsoft Edge (Chromium), Opera, Brave, and Vivaldi. Exciting times ahead!

Stay safe and secure with Zoho Vault.


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