Zoho Sign for ISVs and OEMs : Integration, bundling and white labelling options

In order to collect signatures, automate e-sign workflows, and optimize sales and marketing processes, most software vendors rely on various applications. This is primarily because they are unable to create their own digital signature application that comply with legal requirements and satisfy e-signature regulations around the world.
This is exactly where independent software vendors (ISVs), original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), and other businesses can use Zoho Sign to digitally sign documents, collect signatures, reduce the document turnaround time, and collaborate remotely. 

Here's how Zoho Sign can be a good fit for ISVs and OEMs: 

Powerful APIs for document management
Developers can make use of Zoho Sign's application programming interfaces (APIs) to trigger signing requests and automate the entire document signing workflow directly from their application. We have also published our API collections to developer platforms like Postman and SwaggerHub, so you can construct and test API queries before integrating them into your code. We offer example code snippets across popular languages published in our API guide to help you get started.

Enterprise-grade features for ISVs
Zoho Sign's Enterprise edition offers features that help users streamline their business operations and boost productivity. Features like qualified electronic signatures (QES) and blockchain timestamping ensure enhanced security and legal validity.

Readily integrates with other software and applications
You can integrate Zoho Sign with your existing CRM and other SaaS applications to broaden the overall capabilities of your services. 

Mobile software development kit (SDK)
Developers can add digital signing functionalities to their existing iOS, Android, and PHP applications with our SDKs. This will help them build specific features, such as two-factor authentication, in-person signing, embedded signing and sending, and multi-language support for signers. 

Smart single sign-on (SSO)
With SSO authentication, users can access Zoho Sign through their existing corporate identity stores. This way, you can avoid the need for multiple authentications and provide users with a seamless experience.

Custom domain 
You can personalize the domain that your recipients use to sign documents, all through Zoho Sign. This feature, otherwise known as host mapping, adds authenticity to the signing experience.

Robust security and data privacy 
Zoho Sign uses a public key infrastructure (PKI) to provide the highest level of security for your business documents. All your data is protected using AES-256 encryption while at rest and SSL/TLS encryption while in transit.

Our system complies with various data protection rules, such as the GDPR, and the CCPA and HIPAA in the US. We are ISO/IEC 27001, 27017, 27018, 2770, and ISO 9001 certified.

White labelling and branding
Reinforce your brand's identity by customizing emails sent from the Zoho Sign app, including the email's subject, header, content, language, and button colors. You can also personalize your account by configuring your signature, initials, and stamps, and adding your company's logo and address before sending the documents to signers.

If you would like to partner with Zoho Sign for OEMs and ISVs, just shoot us a message or send us an email at support@zohosign.com, we'd be delighted to help you integrate Zoho Sign with your Android or iOS apps, OEM devices, HRMS, or CRM solution. 

Want to try the product yourself? You can sign up for a free 14-day enterprise trial here

Happy Signing!    


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