Create and edit presentations right from your browser with Zoho Show’s new Chrome extension

If there’s one thing our users enjoy most about the all-new Show (besides all the features that no other online presentation editor offers, that is!), it’s our user experience.

That’s because our contextual UI subtly guides users through slide creation, offering a multitude of tools relevant to each object that gets selected. With this convenience in mind, we wanted to provide a similar experience during the ideation stage. And that’s why we’re introducing the Zoho Show Chrome extension.

Before creating a presentation, you probably spend time researching—gathering facts, numbers, and all the information you need to tell the story. To streamline this process, we developed an extension that lets you pull information from the web or your desktop and add it directly to your slides.

Once the extension has been added, you can put together all the content you find into a set of slide drafts. These drafts can then be automatically converted into slides. Whether it’s just text, just images, or a combination of the two, Show intelligently chooses the layout that will work best.

Our new Chrome extension also allows you to…

Access your presentations instantly

You can view the five last slide decks you opened or modified, directly from the extension. This is especially useful if you need to access a presentation quickly. To start working on a new slide deck, all you have to do is open the Chrome extension and select Create a New Presentation.

Import presentations from anywhere

Upload existing slide decks from your computer using the extension’s import option, or simply drag and drop the slide deck onto the Chrome extension in your browser. All imported slide decks retain their slide properties.

Download the Chrome extension for Zoho Show today and start creating presentations instantly.

Try it now and let us know what you think. Write to us at Also visit Show’s community to learn more about your favorite presentation app.


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