Six ways to use shapes to create a compelling presentation in Zoho Show

Ideas come in all shapes and sizes—be it an extra fold to help your paper plane fly a few inches further, or an equation that changes the way we understand the world today—but can often be hard to explain with just words. Using shapes as design building blocks in your presentation is a great way to illustrate your thoughts. With a little creativity, you can leverage the simplicity of shapes to engage your audience’s attention and help them conceptualize your ideas.

Here are six ways you can use shapes in your presentations with Zoho Show:

1. Combine shapes to recreate icons and common objects

Perform Boolean operations such as union, intersect, subtract, and difference with several individual shapes to create any shape you’re looking for.

2. Use edit points to tailor basic shapes to your needs

Edit points in Zoho Show not only allow you to modify the default edit points on a shape, but also to add your own edit points. What’s more, you can use the edit points to change a shape even after applying Boolean operations like we saw in the first step. This way, you can truly customize shapes for your needs.

3. Include smart elements to liven up your presentation

Add a little sizzle to your slide deck with customizable animated meters, indicators, timers, clocks, or more to your presentation, then set them to perform on cue.

4. Add a personal touch with freehand sketches

Not only does Zoho Show’s scribble tool allow you to sketch shapes quickly or doodle on slides, it also recognizes common shapes and patterns. Just enable shape recognition mode to neaten up your freehand sketches.

5. Get creative and push the limits of how you use shapes in presentations

Group multiple shapes or objects together to rotate, flip, move, or resize them simultaneously as though they were a single shape or object by grouping them together. You can also add fills or effects to change the properties of all the shapes in a group at once.

6. Use Show’s intuitive tools to speed up your creative process

The continuous drawing mode in Zoho Show lets you draw the same shape multiple times without the frustration of having to choose which one every time. Also, shapes automatically adapt to the color palette used in your presentation’s theme, so you can try out different themes without needing to manually re-color anything.

Zoho Show can help your ideas take shape. Try it now!


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